Resume Templates: Biochemistry


John Doe
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Professional Summary
A highly motivated and dedicated scientist with a unique mix of skills and subject knowledge, specializing in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology with a passion for drug development, specializing in cancer epigenetics. Excellent problem solving ability, technical skills and extensive interdisciplinary training in the study of global transcriptional, post-transcriptional, epigenetic regulation in human cells and cancer development; able to work on several research projects independently and simultaneously. Capable of combining first class troubleshooting skills with proven ability to achieve results that advance project outcomes. Equally effective as an individual contributor or as a member of a team, with clear and direct oral and written communication expertise at all levels.

Technical Areas of Expertise
Epigenetic and biochemical assays Molecular assays Protein purification assay Tissue culture techniques Nucleic acids Oncology drug discovery Translational biology Communication skills Management skills Analytical ability

Teaching Assistant/Post-Doctoral Fellow November 2011 to October 2014 Harvard University Farber Cancer Institute Boston , MA Identify role of EZH2 in cancer cells with mutations in subunits of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex. Screen for targeting molecules of cancers containing genetic mutations in subunits of SWI/SNF complex using Achilles’ analysis. Utilize and study the mechanisms in which EZH2 inhibiting compounds affect the development of human cancers driven by SWI/SNF subunit mutations. Establish in vivo assay to test the impairment of cancer cell growth using small molecule inhibitors. Establish and characterize conditional knockout mice to create a comparable human cancer model. Write manuscripts, review articles, and research grant proposals. Establish collaborators and contact experts at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Broad Institute, MIT, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School for different techniques/methodologies. Liaise with pharmaceutical companies (GSK and Novartis) to assess small molecule compounds for in vitro and in vivo application. Utilize high-throughput data called Achilles generated by Broad Institute to identify key target genes for different cancer models. Graduate Research Assistant August 2005 to September 2011 University of Southern California, Norris Cancer Center Los Angeles , CA Discovered significant association between aberrant activities of histone/chromatin regulating enzymes and development of human cancers. Identified the functional roles of SMYD3 and H3.3 in human breast cancer cells via regulation of gene expression associated with cell growth. Constructed and characterized the regulatory domains of p53 for transcription regulation. Provided insights on the roles of post-translational modification of p53 in tumorigenesis. Established inventory tracking system for biochemical reagents and supplies. Managed and assisted in writing research grants, manuscripts, and proposals. Trained lab technicians, high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. Teaching Assistant, Department of Biochemistry.