Resume Templates: Biotech


Resume Templates: Biotech

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Sara Laughs

70 Red Cardinal Avenue

Oroville Drought, CA, 87900

Cell: (555) 987-1234


Biotech is a combination of the studies of biology and technology. Uses biological knowledge to create new brands, products and technology. Specializes in nanotechnology.


  • Astute

  • Biology

  • Hard-working

  • Analytical

  • Mathematical

  • Good eyesight

  • Problem-solving

  • Attention-to-detail

Work Experience

September 2007 to May 2008 Improving Life Every Day Biotechnology

– Oroville Drought, CA Biotech

– Purchased supplies for running experiments – test tubes, reagents and biological substances.

– Supervised staff of 10 x biological technicians involved in testing the viability of using various biological agents for technological purposes.

– Reported all results of testing to corporate management.

June 2008 to April 2011 Human Life Biotechnology

– Oroville Drought, CA Biotech

– Reviewed scientific journals discussing the development of biological agents for technology.

– Worked with staff of 15 x biological technicians undertaking various experiments.

– Filed patents for a variety of biological technological substances.

May 2011 to January 2014 Biotechnology for Better Living

– Oroville Drought, CA Biotech

– Assisted scientists in laboratory experiments.

– Trained average groups of 17 x technicians on biotechnology testing methods.

– Reported all biotechnology results in scientific journals.



2005 Stanford, Oroville Drought, CA Bachelors, Biology