Resume Templates: Chief Scientist


Rachel Green
123 Boulevard Dr., Townsville, CA 99999



Forward-thinking physicist and computer programmer with more than 36 years’ progressive experience in utilizing digital signal processing to design solutions for scientific, engineering, and business applications. Expertise in calculating probability, statistical analysis, and data mining. Highly accomplished scientist with multiple publications, patents, and inventions, and former associate editor for the IEEE. Seeking to translate extensive background in software development and mathematics to take next career step with organization that rewards innovation, strategic thinking, and demonstrated success in product development.

Digital Signal Processing Physics and Applied Mathematics Assembly, C, C++ Data Mining System Design and Integration Software Development Research and Development Data Analysis and Statistics

Chief Scientist, 08/2007 Current Pace O Matic, Inc. Norcross, GA Design games utilizing mathematical algorithms and complex probability theory, execute statistical analyses of pay tables, and develop mathematical models for game play. Develop secure communication protocols and design security dongles utilized by games and servers. Create new gaming products and provide technical support for existing products. Administer patents and trademarks, study and interpret gaming laws, and provide expert testimony on games. Overhauled patent process and directed three patent developments through to issuance. Authored software to analyze game play and enhance user experience; utilized public key and non-public key encryption to conceptualize proprietary encryption software. Qualified expert on games in Georgia, South Carolina, and Hawaii. Vice President, 06/1996 08/2007 Wireless Systems Engineering, Inc. Norcross, GA Oversaw design of digital signal processing (DSP) based radios and devised solutions to mitigate RF interference for multiple cellular markets. Directed technical field service teams providing interference mitigation for Nextel. Led Nextel in meeting FCC deadline by developing techniques to locate and mitigate interference on radio systems. Designed DSP-based iDEN protocol analyzer and DSP-based AMPS protocol analyzer. Coauthored seven patents, and patented signal analysis module for high-speed data collection of radar signals, frequency domain approach for radio-interferometry, and Inmarsat receiver. Wrote high-speed software parsers for WSE Cellular Drive test post-processing tool; worked with B, M, mini M, and Aero protocols. Collaborated with Locus Technologies to design RF location system to assist in the location of injured officers/firemen; designed and patented frequency domain approach facilitating mobile phone geolocation for E911 positioning. Created high-speed pattern recognizer for Department of Defense. Senior Design Engineer, 06/1993 06/1996 TGA Systems, Inc. Norcross, GA Invented Moto 56000 DSP software in radio paging and voice response systems. Spearheaded transition to object-oriented programming and implementation of C++. Created software objects for proprietary hardware boards; designed test software for quality assurance and to facilitate testing and evaluation of each board. Authored DSP to generate and decode telephone/central office signaling, including DTMF, MF, MFC-R1, supervisory tones, speech storage and playback, sample rate conversion and spectral correction, and equalization delay. Developed DSP-based paging protocol analyzer utilized by law enforcement agencies. Created paging encoder for NEC, GOLAY, POCSAG, and FLEX protocols. Senior Design Engineer, 11/1991 06/1993 Voice Sciences Corporation Dunwoody, GA Devised software and hardware employed in VSC field trials. Planned DSP projects, including speech recognition, voice capture, and playback. Developed speech identification for door entry access.