Resume Templates: Graduate Student Researcher


Jane Doe
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Professional Summary
Food science professional currently pursuing Master’s degree with 4 years of experience in research lab, sensory testing, and product development areas. Specialize in meat, dairy, and juice products performing experiments related to food engineering, processing, preservation, safety, and flavor enhancement. Fluent in English, French, and Arabic; proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, and competent using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Core Qualifications
Food Processing/Chemistry Product Development Flavor Chemistry and Technology Quality Assurance Advanced Food Microbiology Sensory Analysis USDA/FDA Compliance Laboratory Protocols

Selected to participate in Annual IFT 2014 in New Orleans for current food processing related research study on ultraviolet light induced inactivation of polyphenol oxidase activity. Completed dissertation related to food safety and disease prevention entitled “Study of prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in raw minced meat bovine and ovine.” Gained expertise in the application of quality standards including HACCP, GMPs, GAPs, ISO, and SSOPs in testing, developing, and improving food products. Conducted tests using a range of analytical equipment such as spectrophotometers, colorimeters, GC, UV/Vis, HPLC, pH meters, and turbidimeters. Mastered understanding of the theoretical basis of favor chemistry, components, perception, as well as the chemical interactions and reactions of flavor compounds with the major food components.

Graduate Student Researcher Drexel University (Current) Spearhead food science research involving the study of ultraviolet light as an alternative to thermal processing. Perform tests, analyze results, and draw conclusions on Ultraviolet light’s role in inactivating polyphenol oxidase activity. Investigate the effect of other parameters such as fructose, glucose, sucrose, pH, free radicals, and turbidity on polyphenol oxidase inactivation. Research Project Trainee January 2014 to March 2014 Gained hands-on experience in new product development by creating “OJ’Lait,” a mixture of frozen orange concentrate and skim milk. Participated in all stages of development including research, formulation, and sensory testing. Research Assistant September 2012 to December 2012 Managed daily lab operations including conducting experiments and maintaining supplies, instrumentation, and sanitation. Performed biochemical tests and experiments using foodborne pathogens. Prepared media and autoclaving lab according to specifications. Research Project Trainee March 2007 to July 2007 Led a comprehensive study on the prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in raw minced cow and sheep meat which involved research, testing, and statistical analysis. Isolated and identified Listeria monocytogenes strains using biochemical tests and Listeria kits.