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Substitute Teacher resume template

Jake Dought
123 Null Ave, Fake City , NY 12345 | Cell: 000.123.111 |

Su mmary
Dynamic and passionate teacher experienced in multiple grade levels with specialized experience in Reading and English. Patient and encouraging with proven abilities to quickly foster trusting and productive relationships with students, parents, peers, and administrators. Advocate for student growth and progress through teaching to various learning styles as well as tutoring and after-school help for students needing extra assistance.

Elementary and Middle School Education Reading Instruction Lesson Planning and Execution Student Advocacy Student and Parent Relationships Behavioral Management After-School Homework Support Team Planning and Collaboration Fostering Trust and Rapport Excellent Communication Skills

Earned Teacher of the Year in 2001. Team Leader for elementary and middle school teams at Hayfork Elementary School. Success For All Reading Leader for 1st and 2nd grades at Hayfork Elementary School.

Substitute Teacher Mountain Valley Unified School District Managed classrooms of up to 30 students in the absence of assigned teachers. 08/2003 to Current Hayfork, CA

Taught multiple subject areas in all grade levels K-12, continuation schools, and community day schools. Utilized strong boundaries and clear expectations to maintain student progress and appropriate behavior in absence of primary teachers. Teacher Hayfork Elementary School Taught various subjects to 1st and 2nd grade for 5 years and to 5th and 6th grade for 2 years. 08/1997 to 06/2003 Hayfork, CA

Developed curriculum, planned lessons, and taught students in multiple subjects with specialized experience and training in Reading education. Acted as Team Leader on primary team, collaborating with other teachers and administrators to ensure cohesion and communication across all levels and specialties. Collaborated with other teachers to plan and schedule lessons promoting learning and student engagement. Offered tutoring and an after-school homework club to provide assistance. Offered one-on-one tutoring for struggling students to improve academics and fostered rapport to help students engage with peers. Developed relationships with members of student families to ensure communication about student needs and progress.