Resume Templates: Vice Principal


Stephanie Katz
H1 North Pole, California, 99999 | H:111-222-3333 | C: 444-555-6666 |

Dedicated education professional with solid history of success in staff training and mentoring, curriculum design and adaptation, and maximizing learning opportunities in diversified classroom settings. Motivational leader experienced in educating bilingual and multicultural students on both academics and heritage subjects and skills.

Professional Value Offered
Leadership and Development Independently pursued opportunities to contribute to organizational success by volunteering to lead numerous internal committees and extracurricular activities. Collaborated across all lines of operations to improve learning experience. Fostered and promoted supportive team environment to facilitate an effective collaborative development process. Team Building Served as mentor to new teachers on techniques for overcoming challenges of working in rural community and adapting to unique academic and culturally blended curriculum. Highly skilled in building positive rapport with students and peers, resulting in trusted and respectful relationships. Motivational coaching talents; capable of effectively interacting with individuals of diverse ages, cultures, professions, and socioeconomic levels. Training Experienced trainer with demonstrated track record on coaching and mentoring instructors and teachers on effective classroom management and learning techniques. Educated staff on methods for mainstreaming students with both physical and emotional disabilities into small classroom environments while ensuring all needs are met. Delivered training modules to interdepartmental teams to ensure smooth adoption of new curriculum and lesson plans. Extensive knowledge of techniques and methods that stimulate minds, focus on strengths and encourage life-long learning. Education Strategies Employed special educational strategies and techniques during instruction to improve the development of sensory/perceptual-motor skills, language, cognition, and memory in diverse student population. Identified various types and levels of learning within classroom and created cooperative group activities that focus on different ways to educate on same subject matter. Counseling Served as student mentor and counselor when academic problems and personal adjustments arose, meeting with guardians to reach solutions. Expertise in identifying individual strengths, goals, and interests in order to provide appropriate level coaching on way to improve performance, reach objectives, and achieve success. Student-Centered Curriculum Development Served as key member of committee tasked with development and implementation for new district-wide elementary math curriculum. Program Management Advised high school students on creation of iMovie for Future Educators of Alaska competition that won 2nd place. Conceived, developed and launched numerous programs and projects aimed at improving social, academic, and lifestyles of diverse student populations. Community Outreach Continually invited and encouraged community leaders and tribal elders into classroom to provide students with cultural and lifestyle skills learning opportunities. Actively participated in numerous community improvement programs, including advocating foster care and adoption services.