Resume Templates: DJ


DJ Resume Questions

1. How do you make a DJ resume for a first job?

Employers are most interested in the previous jobs of candidates, which is why most resumes revolve around the experience section. Not having this information to rely on is just one more challenge entry-level jobseekers need to deal with when writing their resumes.

To tackle this challenge, consider using our step-by-step resume builder. This automates much of the writing process. If you do want to create your resume manually, we recommend focusing on whichever experiences you do have, whether they are unpaid DJ jobs, learning experiences, or other kinds of musical learning opportunities.

2. What technical skills should you put on a DJ resume?

The technical skills you include on your resume are unique to you alone. You can see some of the most appealing technical skills on our DJ resume sample, but do not copy them blindly. Think carefully about the skills you have and the abilities you suspect each individual employer wants to see.

A great strategy is to study the job description. This tells you many of the qualifications the hiring manager prioritizes. Use similar language to appeal to each employer specifically.

3. How do you write the header of a DJ resume?

Despite being the first thing listed on your resume, the header should not be the first thing readers notice. Your summary statement acts as a hook to catch their attention and encourage them to keep reading. However, make your contact information clear for once they have finished and are ready to contact you. Include your full name, email address, and phone number. You can include your mailing address, leave it off, or include it without your home city. These latter two options are tools to manage the length of your resume. Check our DJ resume sample to see a strong header example.

4. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a DJ resume?

Your experience section must meet specific expectations. It should be the longest section of your resume, but if it is too long, employers may become intimidated or lose interest. The general rule is to include five to eight bullet points for each position you describe. However, there are some situations where you should break this rule.

You need to think carefully about how important each job is to establishing your qualifications. Feel free to include as few as two bullet points for unimportant jobs and as many as 10 or 12 for your core experiences. Use our DJ resume sample as a guide for creating this section.

5. Should you include references on a DJ resume?

References are generally frowned upon on resumes. They are more appropriate for some jobs more than others. For a job influenced by reputation as much as DJ, references are acceptable. You should keep in mind that there are often more effective ways to utilize the space used to list references, however. And of course, if an employer ever requests references, be sure to include them.

Resume Text

123 Fake Street | City, State, Zip Code | Cell: 000-000-0000 | Home: 000-000-0000 |


Talented music curator and DJ with 5 years of experience performing at a variety of venues in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Proficient using CD players, Traktor, and Ableton to produce innovative mixes. Broad-based technical training in electronic music production, studio recording, and sound engineering. Exceptional relationship building skills with a commitment to bringing positive energy, professionalism, and quality music to every performance.


Master’s Program: Electronic Music Production, 2014 Dubspot – New York, NY, United States Diploma: Electronic Music Production and DJ Certification, 2013 Fermatta Music Academy – Mexico City, Mexico Certificate: Sound Engineer & Music Recording, 2012 RAC – Recording Arts Canada – Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Completed the course, but has not yet taken the final test)

Professional Music Curator and DJ Sound Engineer Electronic Music Production Impeccable Mixing Music Selection Proficient use of Ableton Public and Private Events Studio Recording BPM and Key Detection Client Relationship Building Serato Vinyl Traktor Software

International experience performing as a DJ at a variety of locations including clubs, outdoor music festivals, and private events. Proven ability to produce seamless, impeccable mixes that engage and stimulate even the most demanding of audiences. Demonstrated tastes in current and crowd pleasing dance music. Conducted research on music trends through industry connections and attending a vast variety of shows. Well-versed in how to record using Ableton and Traktor, how to mix and master sound, and properly set up amps, microphones, audio interfaces, mixing boards, and speakers to produce top-quality recordings. Committed to staying current with website development, social media, and various program platforms necessary to succeed in the modern music industry. Top tracks include: Klangkarussell – Sonnentanz Crazibiza, Dave Aude feat. Vassy – Hustlin’ Michael Jackson – You Rock My World Tom Lustig – Relax Mode Justin Timberlake – Señorita