Resume Templates: Certified Lactation Consultant


Resume Templates: Certified Lactation Consultant

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Paula Pasta 4587

Craggy Pass Avenue

Blue Moon, CO, 88911

Cell: (555) 987-1234


Certified Lactation Consultant helps women who are nursing to maximize their ability to breast feed. Reviews scientific literature on ways to improve breast-feeding, develops nutritional meals to increase the flow of breast milk and teaches new mothers how to properly feed their newborns. Specializes in storing breast milk overnight.


  • Biology

  • Friendly

  • Reporting

  • Nutrition

  • Knowledgeable

  • People-person

  • Problem-solving

  • Scientific background

  • Lifts more than 200 pounds

  • Spoken and written communication skills

Work Experience

September 2006 to May 2008 Women & Children Health Care

– Blue Moon, CO Certified Lactation Consultant

– Showed mothers the proper method for storing breast milk in the refrigerator.

– Trained an average of 3 x mothers each day on best lactation techniques.

– Reported on lactation methods in the monthly Women & Children Health Care newsletter.

June 2008 to April 2011 Blue Moon Children's Care Unit

– Blue Moon, CO Certified Lactation Consultant

– Visited mothers and helped them with lactation daily.

– Helped an average of 20 x breastfeeding mothers each day.

– Taught classes to expectant and new mothers.

May 2011 to January 2012 Colorado Hospital for Newborns

– Blue Moon, CO Certified Lactation Consultant

– Printed out brochures on best breast-feeding techniques.

– Served an average of 25 x mothers each day.

– Developed nutritional supplement and meals to improve lactation.



2005 Blue Moon Institute of Higher Learning, Blue Moon, CO Certificate, Lactation