Resume Templates: Operating Room Registered Nurse Resume


The search for a new position as an operating room registered nurse can be overwhelming, but if you have a complete and detailed resume, you can get the job you want. Use this document to list your education, certifications, skills for the specific job, and some of your most impactful accomplishments.

Take note: An operating room nurse resume should emphasize your passion for providing high quality healthcare. Remember to be specific about your ability to assess medical needs, develop patient care plans, coordinate operating teams, deal with trauma, make quick decisions, and communicate with patients and their families. List these highlights in an organized fashion so the employer doesn’t have to search for the information on the document.

Check out our operating room registered nurse resume templates and use them as an example to write your own.

Resume Templates: Operating Room Registered Nurse Resume

Now that you have a compelling resume, it’s time to pair it with a masterful Operating Room Registered Nurse cover letter. These expertly written samples give you the head start to launch your new career.

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Cecelia Jackson 100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234



Flexible Operating Room Registered Nurse experienced in working under intense pressure and providing accurate and responsive care. Proficient in patient analysis, care plan development and implementation, and emergency operation team leading. Specializes in coordinating in-room surgical and operating teams and streamlining care plan implementation.


    • Assessing and analyzing patient status
    • Developing and implementing patient care plans
    • Projecting the likelihood of certain trauma outcomes
    • Coordinating operating teams
    • Expedient decision making
    • Dealing with patient’s families


Work Experience

April 2010 to January 2015 Flagstaff Hospital– Flagstaff, AZ Operating Room Registered Nurse
• Monitoring status, organizing continuing care and assessing outgoing patients
• Leading team in operating room
• Formulating care plans, projecting development, and foreseeing obstacles in the implementation of care plans December 2006 to March 2010 Phoenix Intensive Care– Phoenix, AZ Operating Room Registered Nurse
• Identifying the probability of certain outcomes and completing risk assessment for certain procedures
• Coordinating and organizing the conduct of in
• room surgeons and practitioners
• Monitoring the physiological status and development of the patients, assessing the need for any alteration in care methods April 2004 to October 2006 Cityland Hospital–New Cityland, CA Operating Room Registered Nurse
• Coordinating the usage of equipment and the application of certain procedures in the operating room, and relaying information to the relevant practitioners
• Assessing and analyzing changes in the patients physiological and psychological status
• Delivering sedation
• Preparing the workstation and ensuring that the proper sanitary and safety procedures are followed.



2001 Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ Bachelor of Science in Nursing