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If you’re looking for a job in the theatre, and you don’t have enough experience, you can include a short summary to present yourself at the beginning; we offer a great model to follow in this theatre resume example.

Mark Weaver

2210 Spring St. New York, NY 10046
(212) 584-5481
(212) 989-2405


To get a position as a Theatre Stage Manager in a major theater production company.


Professional with long experience in the theater industry, able of taking fast and appropriate decisions and handling the pressure very well. Possess in-depth knowledge of all the technical aspects of theater. Highly organized, punctual, responsible and efficient worker with excellent reading, comprehension and communication skills.


Stage Manager
Theater Production Co, New York, NY

Supervise that all the staff meet their obligations correctly and work as a liaison between them and the director and/or producer. Set up deadlines to the staff and make sure they meet them. Schedule rehearsals. Solve the problem which present along the way. During rehearsal, notice and point weakness in the technical aspects. Before and during the play make sure everything goes according to the plan and if it is not take measures about it and communicate to the staff.

Assistant Stage Manager
Jarvis Productions Ltd, New York, NY

Set up and schedule rehearsals and organize everything they involve. Supervise that the construction of the stage is done as it was established. During the play assist the director but also actors; tell them when to enter, help them with wardrobe, remember their lines, etc.


Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Management & Producing
Columbia University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Arts in Arts with major in Theater
New York University, New York, NY

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