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An executive recruiter requires all strengths related to fast decision, great conversational skills, and more. You must focus on your job experience as recruiter and relevant education; follow our executive recruiter resume example to guide yourself in the process of creating a resume.

Amelie White

3253 Bulfinch Dr, Andover, MA 01810
(813) 254-3895


To find a job as an Executive Recruiter in the human resources department of a major and well-oriented company.


• Diploma by the Association of Executive Search Consultants as a Certified Researcher Associate (CRA).
• In-depth knowledge of computer applications as: Windows, Microsoft Office, SQL Server, MYSQL, etc.
• Well- trained professional with more than twelve years of experience.
• Fast decision – maker with outstanding analytical skills.
• Outgoing person with excellent conversational skills.


Executive Recruiter
Hepworth Associates, Andover, MA

2006- Present
Look for qualified candidates for open positions in any of the departments of the company. Conduct interviews and perform tests to choose the best potential workers. Verify the documentation, education and other background information of the chosen candidate or candidates. Negotiate contract terms. Train new employees.

Psi Technologies, Boston, MA

2002 – 2006
Work with recruiting managers and account executives to define what qualifications the applicants must have. Select the possible candidates by reading their resumes. Test the applicants by doing preliminary telephone interviews. Interview the candidates and carry out exams and evaluations to choose the most appropriate one.


Master of Science in Applied Anatomy & Physiology with concentration in Human Physiology
College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College, Boston, MA
2004 – 2007

Bachelor of Business Administration & Management with Concentration in Organizational Behavior
Boston University, Boston, MA
1998 – 2001

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