10 Tips for Acing a Video Interview


Prepare for a successful video interview with these video interview tips.

In today’s world, it’s easier than ever for recruiters to interview candidates from all over the world to find the right candidate thanks to video interviewing. A video interview allows hiring managers to quickly weed through unqualified applicants, but the video interview presents a new list of potential hazards for jobseekers. However, with a little bit of preparation, attention to detail, and this list of 10 video interview tips, you have everything you need to guarantee a successful video interview.

1. Where Are You Looking?

It’s tempting to look right at the face of the interviewer during the meeting, but the key is to make eye contact by looking at the camera rather than the screen. If you are looking at the screen, it may appear that you are looking down and lack confidence. While it may seem awkward at first, practice a few video calls to ensure you are comfortable talking to a camera.

Build My Resume2. Run Through Equipment

You want your interview to be more about your skills and qualifications than your electronic troubleshooting ability. Double-check your microphone, camera and internet connection before you start your video interview. Also make sure your laptop or computer is plugged into an outlet to avoid losing power in the middle of an important question.

3. What You Wear

The benefit of a video interview is that you can do it from anywhere — the downside is that it’s easy to get too comfortable for a professional meeting. Don’t put on a dress shirt but keep your pajamas bottoms on — you never know what you will be asked to do during the interview. Keep it professional from top to bottom.

4. Watch Your Timing

Video interviews introduce a whole new level of awkward timing, and you don’t want to add to that. Be aware of how long it takes you to answer questions. Some video interviewing tools may even cut you off it you go too long — make sure you get all the detail in without rambling. You don’t get a second chance during a video interview.

5. Limit Your Hand Gestures

If you’re used to talking with your hands, video interviews can be painful. Remember that the interviewer is likely to see the top half of your body, and waving your hands around can be seriously distracting and annoying. Avoid any unnecessary movements during a video interview.

6. Fix Your Posture

Your interview may take place while you are on your living room couch, but don’t get too comfortable. Don’t squirm, slouch or get distracted by things in your home. Find a quiet place that won’t have distractions, and find a sitter for any pets or kids. Always act like you are in the office of an interviewer rather than your living room.

7. Eliminate Background Noise and Distraction

At this phase of the process, the interviewer isn’t interested in your hobbies, your personal knickknacks or your bookshelves. Set your camera up to capture a simple background — preferably just your head and shoulders against a solid color.

8. Avoid Glaring Glasses and Makeup

On screen, your makeup may shine and your glasses may prevent the interviewer from seeing your eyes. If you have to wear your glasses during the interview, choose those with an anti-glare lens. Even men can benefit from wearing an anti-glare makeup powder that makes the face seem smooth. Shiny faces look like sweaty faces and make you appear nervous.

9. Consider Your Setting

If you are looking for a new job and they want a video interview in the middle of the day, it’s a good idea to take an afternoon off rather than doing the interview from your current office. Choose a setting in which you can speak freely, rather than one where you are nervous about being caught.

10. Keep It Simple and Solid

What you wear during a video interview may be more important than what you wear during a face-to-face interview. With just a small window through which to see you, the interviewer’s attention is focused on small details. Choose simple clothing in solid colors, and avoid white, as it can make you look washed out and nervous during an interview. Eschew patterns that may make it seem as if you are moving around and fidgeting during the interview.

Ultimately your goal during the video interview is to have the attention focused on what you are saying, rather than what you are wearing, what you are doing or where you are sitting. By following these video interview tips to ensure your technology is stable and you appear calm and confident, you can ace the interview and move that much closer to getting the job.