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4 Vital Sales Agent Interview Tips


So you’ve completed your exceptional resume, submitted your outstanding cover letter and received an offer for an interview. This is a great sign, but acing the interview is a challenge that you must still overcome if you’re hoping to obtain the position in question. The face-to-face interview is an integral part of the hiring process because it gives the interviewers the opportunity to observe applicants and compare them to the qualifications they’ve submitted in their resumes. Hiring managers also use this time to evaluate personality and habits and to figure out whether or not a candidate is a good fit for the company. There are some basic steps that anyone should take to do well in any interview in any industry, but here are a few sales agent interview tips for those interested in the insurance world. Keep these in mind throughout the process to make the best possible first impression and increase your chances of landing the job.

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Sales Agent Interview Tips

Emphasize Your Communication Skills: As most of your job will involve communicating with clients and potential customers and assisting them in choosing their insurance policies, it’s imperative that you let your interviewer know that you have the ability to handle pressure. Use relevant stories to reinforce yourself as a reliable source of information, and be sure your behavior aligns with the values of the company. If you’ve ever worked with the public in service or sales, think about a time that you solved a customer’s problem. These examples can reinforce your point and help show employers that you have previous experience with this type of work. People skills are often learned on the job, and being an effective communicator is crucial to your success in sales and insurance.

Wear Business Dress: While this is a good general step for most interviewees, it’s especially important for those applying to a sales agent position. As previously stated, much of your work will involve meeting with customers in order to sell them your services and to help them figure out which types of insurance they will benefit from the most. You will be expected to appear professional during these interactions in order to represent the company you work for. Dressing to impress during the interview will show interviewers that you’re capable of living up to the company name in appearance as well as skill. It also shows that you take pride in yourself as well as your work, which can go a long way towards making a good name for yourself and the brand.

Experience and Education: Many companies that hire individuals for sales positions expect no more than a high school diploma or equivalent. However, in recent years the majority of applicants have presented bachelor’s degrees. The importance of education and experience generally depends on the particular business you’re applying to. Degrees are particularly common in the insurance world where many candidates are expected to have brokering experience or specific state licenses. Some companies value education while others place a much higher value on your experience as an employee and what you already know how to do for the company. Therefore, a focus on both can never hurt, as well as some research into the company before the interview takes place. With the rising competition in this industry, it’s important to emphasize not only the education you’ve received, but also the experience you’ve gained from other jobs in the past. Hiring managers want to know that you can perform your duties in the new position quickly and effectively.

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Emphasize Your Ability to Work With Technology: The business world has become more and more reliant on technology, which now handles everything from communication to scheduling and more. The insurance industry is especially dependent on technological advances involving storage, record-keeping and other important everyday operations. Therefore, when interviewing to be a sales agent, it’s appropriate to highlight your readiness to use a variety of spreadsheet, word processing, email and other relevant programs on the job. This will show interviewers that you’re ready to handle the challenges found in the office and are open to and able to learn any technological advances that may occur down the road.

Insurance is a competitive field, and these key sales agent interview tips can position you as a more competitive applicant.