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5 Simple Account Manager Interview Tips


One of the important steps when trying to get hired is the interview. After you have written a strong resume and cover letter that earn you an interview, it is time to confirm and demonstrate the information you included on your resume. Additionally, this is when you will create your first personal impression with the interviewer, which will influence whether you are chosen for the position.

You should implement the best general interviewing practices to maximize your chances of being hired. To improve your chances even more, review the following list of interview tips that are specific to the position you are interested in. When trying to obtain a managerial position in the public relations industry, these account manager interview tips can help you get started.

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Account Manager Interview Tips

Have Strong Communication Skills: The most important skill set an account manager can have is communication. Determining your abilities in this area is likely going to be a major part of the interview. Do not just wait for the interviewer to ask about it, however. You should take every opportunity to demonstrate that you have excellent interpersonal skills. If hired, you will be spending most of your time speaking with clients and maintaining relationships, so you should be able to speak quickly but clearly, and listen carefully to retain information. It will be obvious to the interviewer if you have these skills, so practice as much as you can. Speak with confidence, maintain eye contact, and engage with the interviewer. You may demonstrate that you are listening closely by mentioning something the hiring manager said earlier in the interview.

Be Familiar With Sales and Marketing: The second most important area you should be skilled in is sales. As an account manager, you will be making calls to try to attain more clients, so you have to be familiar with the art of making sales. Luckily, because interviewing is essentially selling yourself, you will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your abilities in this area. Emphasize the benefits you would provide if hired and how you stand out from any other candidates they may be considering. In addition to illustrating your sales abilities, you should also be knowledgeable about the market, standard sales techniques, and the competition.

Demonstrate Your Organization: Account managers have many different clients they are responsible for. You must be able to keep the information for each of them straight while organizing new clients. It is important that you inspire confidence in your interviewer that you are organized enough to perform this job. Keep any documents you bring with you in a binder and know how it is organized so you can retrieve any paperwork instantly upon request. Know some questions you are intending to ask in advance and take notes when you are given the answers. You should be prepared so you can answer quickly without having to spend excessive time thinking.

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Be Likeable: It is also important that you are likeable when giving your interview. The position of account manager depends on you getting along with clients, so being likeable is very much a skill that interviewers will be looking for. If you can get along with the interviewer, it will imply that you can get along with an average person you encounter.

Ask About Advancement: You should always be paying attention in your interview and thinking about when it is appropriate to mention different aspects. It is usually a good idea to ask about advancement opportunities, but the tone of the interview may not allow for it to be inquired about tactfully. It is important that you are gauging the interview as it moves along. If you are able to ask about advancing, it communicates that you are committed to a long career, ambitious, and a hard worker. Showing this attention to future planning will also immediately make employers see you in the context of someone who is manager material, making it easier for them to picture you as an account manager. Additionally, inquiring about advancement now may improve your chances of being promoted down the line. The sales force typically has many opportunities to move into higher positions, so it is usually safe to ask this question without worrying.

Take your interview to the next level and improve your chances of being hired by implementing these simple account manager interview tips.