5 Valuable Adjuster Interview Tips


You spent the time to ensure your resume and cover letter were as strong as possible. Now that you have earned an interview, how do you proceed? Making a good impression is the key to being hired, so make sure you are prepared to give a strong interview. You will be confirming the information that is included in your resume, not just verbally but through the attributes that you demonstrate.

There are certain interview practices that will benefit you and help you do a good job. You should be familiar with these and utilize them, but you should also discover what steps you can take that are specific to the job you are pursuing. If you are interviewing for an insurance adjuster job, review the following adjuster interview tips. Show them that you are ready to enter this field.

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Adjuster Interview Tips

Emphasize Your Communication Skills: The insurance claims adjuster’s primary responsibility is communicating with the clients. If hired, you will be spending more time doing this than any other task, so the interviewer is going to want to be certain that you have the communication skills necessary to represent the company well. You will likely be asked about your communication skills and experience directly, but you should also take the opportunity to demonstrate this ability when answering every question, as well as when interacting with the interviewer before and after the interview. Be sure to speak with confidence, maintain eye contract, and engage. These are all things you will have to do when interacting with clients, so the interviewer must be confident that you can demonstrate them in the field.

Showcase Your Organization Strategy: Claims adjusters have many accounts that they are working on at the same time, so they must have the ability to stay organized. In your interview you will have the opportunity to show off this quality. Any documentation or other information that you have on yourself should be kept neat and orderly so you can retrieve anything when asked. Be prepared for the interview as soon as they are ready for you and complete your research in advance. Additionally, it is best if you illustrate that you have an established system for staying organized. Making your methods clear is one of the most effective methods of demonstrating organization.

Be Analytical and Demonstrate Critical Thinking: It is the adjuster’s job to analyze insurance claims. You will be evaluating damages and putting a value on repairs, and estimating market value as well as how much risk would be involved with insuring certain clients. To handle such tasks you must be able to think critically and make decisions, so emphasize these abilities in the interview. These can be difficult skills to demonstrate, so it may be best to provide examples from previous working experiences. Again, you may be asked about your analytical skills directly, but you may also be able to show critical thinking when answering other questions.

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Have All Your Documentation in Order: Another large aspect of an adjuster’s job is filling out paperwork and ensuring compliance with government regulations and policies. Showing that you have a handle on the paperwork involved with acquiring a new job will illustrate to the interviewer that you can tackle larger, more complicated administrative tasks. You should be completely familiar with all the documentation that you will need to work as an adjuster, such as licenses, certificates, or certifications. This will also show that you have an understanding of the field you are trying to enter.

Illustrate Your Research Abilities: You should not stop with researching the documentation required to work as an adjuster. Discover as much as you can about the insurance field, including current trends, market fluctuations, typical practices, and developing strategies and techniques. This will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of the field but also show your research abilities, which adjusters must have when investigating claims. You can also take the time to research the typical hiring practices as well as job qualifications and expectations, which will benefit you directly. It can be difficult to demonstrate your research skills because they are utilized before the interview, so you may want to mention the research you have done.

Utilize these adjuster interview tips to ensure you have the best chance possible of being hired by your company of choice.