5 Vital Administrative Assistant Interview Tips


The first step toward getting a job is writing a strong resume and cover letter. These documents are designed to get you the opportunity to interview for the position. After they have done their part, it is the interview that will determine whether or not you are hired. Make sure you continue to give a good impression by confirming the information that is on your resume and establishing other relevant qualities.

To make the most of your interview, you should research the best general practices for interviews, such as practicing questions beforehand and dressing appropriately. In addition to these, you should implement tactics that are unique to the specific position you are interviewing for. Take a look at these administrative assistant interview tips to learn how you can improve your interviewing skills and increase your chances of being hired as much as possible.

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Administrative Assistant Interview Tips

Demonstrate That You Are Organized: As an administrative assistant, the primary responsibility you will have is fulfilling simple clerical tasks, such as filling out paperwork, entering information, retrieving documentation, or making copies. These tasks may not be very complicated most of the time, but it is expected that you are able to work quickly and efficiently. You should be sure to emphasize this aspect about yourself when interviewing to inspire confidence in your ability to perform the required tasks. Be sure to keep all documents that you must have on your experience and work history neat and orderly. Keep track of each document so you can retrieve it quickly if requested. In addition to physical organization, maintain mental organization by paying attention and listening closely so you can recall information that was previously discussed.

The More Insurance Experience, the Better: An administrative assistant position is typically an entry-level job, so you do not need to have very much experience to qualify, but employers are more interested in candidates who are excited about the job and want to pursue larger opportunities. Obviously you cannot change how much experience you have in the insurance field, but be sure to emphasize any experience that you do have. This will go a long way toward setting you apart from the other candidates and putting you as a frontrunner for the position.

Exhibit Strong Communication Skills: It is not uncommon for administrative assistants to also perform reception duties. Of course, before you begin the interview, you should already know whether or not it is expected for you to fill this role. If you are, you cannot demonstrate your communication skills strongly enough. Even if the job does not involve this aspect, however, interpersonal communication will still play a major role in the job. During the interview you will have plenty of opportunities to illustrate that you can communicate effectively. Maintain eye contact, speak confidently, and listen carefully to what the interviewer says. The way you answer questions sometimes may be more important than your answers.

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Be Versatile: Remember that administrative assistants’ responsibilities vary quite a bit. There is no way to determine what tasks you will have because they are different for each office. Most of them will be listed in the job description, but do not assume that it is an exhaustive list. You should show yourself to be an individual who can adjust to new situations and bring a wide range of skills to the job. You never know what ability may be relevant. Do your research to discover what daily responsibilities are typical, so you can develop a list of skills that you can explain to your interviewer.

Ask About Advancement Opportunities: As an entry-level position, there will likely be opportunities for administrative assistants to advance if they are interested. Such an interest demonstrates that you are committed to the job, ambitious, and plan to be around for a longer period of time. It can be difficult to make this inquiry, but most employers will appreciate a candidate who is a little bold. As long as you are sure to be tactful and respectful, as well as time your question for when it is appropriate, you should not have anything to worry about. In fact, because most candidates are interested in getting relevant experience so they can move forward, it may hurt your chances if you do not ask about advancement.

Ensure that you make the most of your interview. Put these administrative assistant interview tips into practice to improve your chances of being hired.