5 Notable Communications Assistant Interview Tips


Your carefully formulated resume has effectively portrayed your skills, abilities, education, and previous work experience. The cover letter, customized for the position you are applying to, was perfectly catered to the desired position and successfully differentiated you from your competition. Now you are preparing for that highly anticipated first interview where you will meet face-to-face with your potential employer in a formal and professional setting. What can you do in your efforts to ace the interview and give yourself a head start on getting a call back?

First off, consider adhering to common, age-old practices such as learning about the company, preparing a 30-second snippet about yourself, dressing professionally, and arriving on time. Second, spend a bit more time researching industry-specific methods that can be used as a supplement to give yourself an edge on your competition. What follows are five notable communications assistant interview tips that apply specifically to this industry and can be used in your favor as you set out to ace your face-to-face.

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Communications Assistant Interview Tips

Showcase Your Organizational Skills: Chances are that as a communications assistant, you will be tasked with managing others’ schedules, setting appointments, arranging meetings, and coordinating marketing efforts to put together a cohesive plan of attack. Since basic administrative duties will fall within your range of responsibilities, your ability to remain organized and keep things prioritized is an incredible skill to have. During your interview you can demonstrate your organizational skills by arriving on time, coming prepared with a paper copy of your resume, and giving specific examples of how your ability to prioritize and organize has helped you in the past.

Consider Bringing a Portfolio: Often assistants in a marketing department will be tasked with creating visual presentations that talk in depth about the steps that will be followed to release new products or market certain services. If you have experience with creating these types of presentations in the past, bring examples to share with your interviewer. You can share which types of software you have used and what processes you follow to gather, arrange, and present the information you need to convey. Bringing a portfolio is an excellent way to provide a visual demonstration of what you are capable of doing for the company.

Communicate With Confidence: The job title itself is proof that being able to communicate is critical to the position you are applying for. The communication you will participate in will range from coordinating schedules to making informational presentations regarding current marketing projects. You can make a first impression by greeting your interviewer enthusiastically and making eye contact. Throughout the meeting, be confident in your answers and respond thoughtfully and intuitively without rushing or pounding out canned answers. When answering questions about yourself, your work history, and your interest in the position, you have the chance to showcase your presentation skills and your ability to communicate a message to an audience. This is an incredible opportunity for the interviewer to assess your ability to provide efficient, articulate, and informational communication to the people within your team and the department.

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Be Familiar With Products and Services: As a part of the marketing team, you will encounter opportunities to talk about various products and services. You may be tasked with creating methods to market these products or asked to put together ideas of complementary merchandise for specific sales. Going into your interview, it is a wise idea to be familiar with the products and services that are offered by the company as well as what makes them unique, useful, and popular.

Highlight Your Management Experience: If you have had any past experiences with managing projects of any kind, this is an excellent component to highlight. Often as an assistant, you may be given a project to manage complete with different deadlines, restrictions, instructions, and goals to achieve. You can share your experience with managing projects in the past and what tactics you found especially useful. If you haven’t had any project management experience, consider talking about important skills you have such as attention to detail, your ability to be a team player, and your knack for motivating others.

Incorporating these communications assistant interview tips into your preparation for your interview can make a world of difference in your ability to create a first impression and set yourself apart from your competition. Armed with industry-specific methods for interviewing, you are well on your way to reaching the next phase of your application for a communications assistant position.