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5 Indispensable Communications Representative Interview Tips


You have leaped over a tall hurdle by making it through the last phase of the job application process and securing an interview. No doubt the company that you are applying to was impressed by your qualifications and experience in the public relations field. Even though you have come this far, creating a notable impression during the interview phase is a huge part of getting the job. Utilize these communications representative interview tips to help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. The initial interview is your time to show your prospective employer your professionalism, your personality, and most importantly, your skills and talent as a communications representative.

In addition to standard human resources questions, the interviewer will also determine if you are a good fit for the organization by asking questions about your work habits and your preferred work style. Your interviewer will also make inquiries about your qualifications, education, and experience that specifically applies to the communications representative position you are applying for. Here are five indispensable communications representative interview tips to facilitate your interview rehearsal.

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Communications Representative Interview Tips

Be Prepared to Explain How You Would Handle a Potentially Damaging Occurrence in the Organization. In preparation for the interview, think about a time that you had to handle a difficult public relations situation, whether in an internship or a previous job. Then apply what you did and the principles that it represents to answer the question. That way your interviewer will know that you understand the standards and best practices behind what you do as a professional. It is good to have rehearsed telling the story and how it correlates to your public relations philosophy in order to be prepared and composed.

Indicate the Skills You Have Acquired That Would Optimally Communicate an Organization’s Message. What is your definition of public relations and the communications representative’s role in an organization? Think about how public relations practices and approaches are different online than in print or television media. Be ready to articulate that difference so your interviewer knows you can modify the voice of the message to fit each particular medium. Also, be prepared to discuss your education and training that applies to the communications representative position. If you have had an internship in communications, remember to emphasize this experience.

Emphasize Your Familiarity and Comfort With Social Media. As an integral part of brand establishment and ongoing connection to followers of the organization, social media is a major fixture on the public relations landscape. You will need to craft your interview responses to display that you are fluent in the several different types of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You want to exude confidence that you are comfortable writing messages to represent your employer’s brand. You should be ready to discuss how you are very familiar with social media channels and how you maintain a high level of professionalism while interacting on social media on behalf of an institution or client.

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Talk About Your Adherence to Professional Consistency and Quality. This is the part of the interview where you can showcase your dependability and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Talk about previous situations when you have had to take an alternate approach to a public relations problem in order to preserve the positive image of the organization. This will demonstrate your flexibility and commitment as an employee. As the job of communications representative requires high visibility to both internal employees and the public, wearing conservative professional attire at the interview shows that you care about professionally presenting yourself and your prospective employer.

Show That You Are in It for the Long Haul. Ask questions that show interest in the specifics of the job you are being considered for in order to make sure that it is in your public relations interest area. Ask about career paths in the organization and the frequency of new job opportunities. Inquire if employees are given a chance to venture out of their specialization area and develop complementary skills in things such as media relations, speech writing or presenting scripts.

Being ready to discuss your specific talents and how they will be an asset to the organization will pay dividends in your interview. Use these communications representative interview tips to help you make a sterling impression on your interviewer and multiply your chances of getting asked back for a second interview.