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5 Handy Concession Stand Worker Interview Tips


A professional resume and a well-constructed cover letter are the first steps towards landing a good job. The next part may be even more important, and that’s acing your first interview. No matter how qualified you are on paper, you need to impress the hiring manager by showing that you have a clear understanding of the position and the poise to work in a busy atmosphere with thousands of customers. This is your chance to show that you’re capable of doing the work and taking the initiative to make sure everything gets done properly.

There are some general best practices that can be used in any interview setting, and it’s important that you brush up on those skills before your meeting. You should dress professionally and offer anecdotal examples of why you’re a great candidate for this job. In addition to those items, these concession stand worker interview tips can be used to specifically show why you will excel at this type of work.

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Concession Stand Worker Interview Tips

Back Up Your Resume With Examples: The learning curve is steep in this industry, so your potential employer will want to feel very confident that you know what you’re doing before putting you in front of customers. If you put “extensive cash register knowledge” on your resume, talk specifically about that – what was difficult to learn, how you streamlined the process for yourself, etc. If you list “strong organizational skills,” discuss what you organized and be ready to explain how those skills helped you on a daily basis. Prove that your work history will be immediately transferrable to this new position.

Stress the Importance of Communication: You might not be able to demonstrate all of your communication skills during an interview, so it’s important that you explain your understanding of how vital it is for a concession stand worker to be a strong communicator. Any misunderstanding between the customer and the cashier can lead to money lost and time wasted, and companies are always looking to hire people who want to avoid those instances. Make it clear that you take pride in clearly communicating with buyers as well as your coworkers.

Be Prepared to Do Some Math: This isn’t one of the concession stand worker interview tips that people like to hear, but sometimes you need to handle arithmetic in your head and be able to do so on the fly. If you have a story from a past experience when the register broke or you had to help another employee who was struggling with numbers, offer that example. Talk about the process of closing out your register and making sure all the cash and credit card slips were accounted for. Cashiers are trained on all the foreseeable aspects of the job; showcasing your ability to handle the unforeseeable problems is a good way to earn brownie points with the hiring manager.

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Talk Up Your Attention to Detail: Food preparation is an important part of this job, and businesses selling concessions have to make sure the stations are always up to code. It’s important that all items be stored and served properly, and by acknowledging this you show that you understand the job and also won’t be creating extra work for others to do. It’s fine to bring up mistakes you made at previous jobs that you have since corrected, as those examples indicate that you’ve already experienced the growing pains that most cashiers go through when first starting out.

Inquire About Upward Mobility: As long as it’s done tactfully, bringing up the possibility for advancement shows that you’re interested in working for this company for a while. Hiring and training costs money, so anything you can do to convince the interviewer that this is a position you’d like to occupy long-term will help your chances. It’s also a good way to find out what is expected of employees in order to earn promotions and raises. Asking this question will help you to convey your interest in the work and demonstrate that you’re a goal-oriented worker.

Giving a good interview can land you a great job. While you never know exactly what questions you’ll be asked, using these specific concession stand worker interview tips can help you be as prepared as possible and put yourself on the fast track for employment.