5 Useful Customer Service Advisor Interview Tips


The interview is the part of the job application process that could determine whether or not you are hired. Creating a strong resume and cover letter is potentially more important, but the interview must confirm that all the information in your resume is actually relevant and accurate. Additionally, the interview gives the interviewer more organic information about you besides your qualifications. In order to be hired, you must also have the right qualities and work ethic, as well as the ability to interact well with others.

Before you begin a job interview, it is wise to learn some of the best general interview practices. After you have an understanding of the broader practices, begin researching how you can give a strong interview with your field of choice in mind. The following customer service advisor interview tips will help you really impress your interviewer while applying for a job in customer service.

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Customer Service Advisor Interview Tips

Make Sure You Are Emphasizing Your Communication Skills: No matter what aspect of customer service you are interested in working in, communication skills will always be at the core of the job. Obviously, this kind of work involves interacting with customers, but even at other times you will be required to collaborate with other employees and managers effectively to perform well in your job. While the questions you will be asked in your interview will give you plenty of opportunities to explain your experiences applying communication abilities in the workplace, the way you answer these questions will say more about your capabilities to communicate. Make sure you are engaging with your interviewer and demonstrating how you might interact with a customer.

Showcase Your Problem Solving Abilities: There are many people that enter customer service jobs and mindlessly do their work. When an employer recognizes someone as hard-working and creative when it comes to tackling challenges, that employee is more likely to advance. Strange problems commonly arise in the customer service field, so you should show that you have the skills necessary to come up with effective solutions quickly and effectively. It is likely that your interviewer will ask you at least a few questions related to problem solving. While you should be prepared to give examples from previous working experiences, you may also consider describing unique solutions even when not directly asked to.

Tactfully Ask About Advancement Opportunities: The customer service field is one with constant opportunities for promotion to management positions. In addition to high transfer rates, this is due to a higher need for a large leadership team. Asking about the potential for advancing accomplishes three things. It demonstrates that you are passionate and committed to working hard, it tells the interviewer that you intend to stay with the job for a longer period of time, and it immediately associates you with promotion in case you are hired.

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Be Knowledgeable: Customer service employees, especially those working with an emphasis in advisement, will frequently need to answer inquiries that customers have. This means you will need to be knowledgeable and have the ability to explain complicated concepts clearly and quickly. Throughout the interview, you will be answering questions, so you can take this opportunity to show how you would be able to interact with customers. Before you begin the interview, take the time to familiarize yourself with the company and market so you will be informed in case the topic rises. In addition to showing your skills, this will help your interview go well in general.

Prioritize Being Friendly: It is a very common practice for interviewees to try to get along with whoever is interviewing them. It is especially important when you are applying for a job in the service industry. It is important for employees to appear likable to customers. You will have a better opportunity to demonstrate this quality before and after the interview itself. While answering questions, be professional, but emphasize being personal and courteous at all other times. Being able to find some common ground to connect on a personal level will significantly improve the interviewer’s opinion of you and make them feel like you will bring the same likably quality when interacting with customers.

Use these customer service advisor interview tips to make a strong impression in your interview. If you put these strategies into practice, you will increase your chance of being called for a follow up interview or being hired for the position.