5 Essential Customer Service Agent Interview Tips


You’ve polished your resume and tailored it to the respective company, plus are feeling rather proud of yourself for writing a superb cover letter that does a great job of explaining your strengths and detailing why you’re such a standout candidate for a customer service agent job opening. However, there’s still one major hurdle to clear before you’re in position to accept an offer: the interview.

There are plenty of general interview tips to peruse, whether you choose to do so by opening a book, browsing websites, or both. You may even feel it’s useful to ask a trusted friend for tried-and-true interview tips. However, since you’ve got your sights set on working in the customer service field, it’s smart to learn from some industry-oriented customer service agent interview tips. This job requires specific skill sets that enable you to interact well with others, even when those individuals are upset or confused. You can make some of those traits shine by giving an excellent interview.

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Customer Service Agent Interview Tips

Gather Relevant Information: Regardless of whether you want to work as a customer service agent for a huge online retailer or a small brick-and-mortar store in your town, the hiring manager will likely ask questions that attempt to discover whether you’d be a good fit for the company. Carefully conduct research to learn about the company’s history, culture and accomplishments, so you’ll be able to give intelligent responses about why you’d be an asset.

Also, since you’ll specifically be working with customers, find out some of the ways the company interacts with people who need help. Do they have an online chat service or e-mail address, or only assist customers through telephone calls? What is the company’s refund policy, can customers return items if they decide they’re not suitable? Those are the kinds of questions you’ll answer authoritatively as a customer service agent, and if you know the associated answers before going into the interview, that could give you an advantage over other candidates.

Highlight Your Problem-Solving Skills: Generally, people don’t contact customer service departments unless they need information or want to resolve a problem. In many cases, they’ll be in tricky situations and expect you to possess the information that makes everything okay again. They may be extremely stressed, confused or otherwise upset when contacting you.

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Perhaps one of the most important customer service agent interview tips to keep in mind is to call attention to your problem-solving prowess by bringing up detailed examples of how you’ve smoothed everything out by solving pressing issues. An interviewer will want to see whether you’re able to thoroughly describe how you’ve solved problems in the past, not just assure him or her you’ll be able to do so if given the job.

Choose Your Clothing Carefully: Your attire is one of the first things an interviewer will see when you walk into the room. Even if you’ve applied for a customer service agent position at a company that allows team members to wear casual clothing because they don’t engage in face-to-face interactions, don’t take a risk by going to the interview with a laid-back ensemble. Err on the side of caution by dressing for success and proving by example that you care about giving a strong first impression and are taking the interview seriously.

Convey Confidence While Being Concise: While responding to interview questions about why you’d make a great customer service agent, be aware of your tone, body language and speaking pace. Your goal is to come across as a confident, authentic person. Furthermore, don’t get too long-winded when giving answers to the interviewer. Some companies require customer service agents to meet minimum quotas for the number of people they assist in given time periods. That means you’ll need to be excellent at getting your point across helpfully but efficiently, and there’s no better time to show you’re able to do that than during an interview.

Inquire About the Position or Company in an Intelligent Way: At the end of an interview, you’ll probably be asked if there are any further questions you have for the interviewer. It’s always best to come up with at least one thing to ask about. Otherwise, it may seem you’re not truly interested in the workplace or the position for which you’re applying. When reading customer service agent interview tips about which questions to ask, consider that putting forth a thoughtful, company-oriented question should make the interviewer appreciate your inquisitive attitude.