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5 Crucial Customer Service Associate Interview Tips


Getting a job offer is a process with several steps. It’s necessary to thoroughly review your resume to make sure it’s up-to-date and angled towards the position for which you’re applying, but you also must write an outstanding cover letter that describes some of your skills and accomplishments, plus how they relate to the job you want.

However, even with those important things in place, you won’t be offered a position unless you can ace the interview. Although there is certainly an abundance of generalized interview tips that are worth studying, it’s also smart to learn some specific customer service associate interview tips.

The customer service industry is all about having meaningful interactions with others. Often, your ability to do so directly impacts whether people continue to do business with certain companies or take their patronage elsewhere. There’s no better chance to prove your interpersonal skills than in your interview by smoothly communicating with a human resources team member.

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Customer Service Associate Interview Tips

Dress in a Professional Manner: While working as a customer service agent, you’re representing your employer and helping to shape impressions people have about the establishment. Show the interviewer you’re serious about potentially being given a chance to shine in that capacity by wearing businesslike attire.

You may end up working in a telephone or online-based role that never requires you to come face-to-face with customers, and the employer might allow team members to wear casual attire. However, that possibility is still far in the future during the interview stage, so looking sharp is a must.

Explain How You’ve Performed Well Under Pressure: Regardless of your specific industry, the customer service associate role is invariably associated with occasional high-pressure situations. Many customer service associate interview tips reflect that reality. Some people avoid seeking help until they have no other option, so there’s a good chance you’ll be interacting with individuals who are frantic, confused, irate or all of the above.

Come up with a few solid examples of how you’ve thrived under pressure in past positions. Even if you’re interviewing for an entry-level opportunity and don’t have experience in the field yet, there are plenty of ways you can call attention to times when you’ve solved problems in stressful environments. Most people do that every day, sometimes without even realizing it.

Demonstrate Your Ability to Follow Directions: While working as a customer service associate, you may have to follow certain company norms. That might mean answering phone calls with a specific greeting, or signing all e-mails with a uniform signature. Some people in the customer service industry even have to abide by lengthy scripts to ensure they say the right things when tricky scenarios arise.

Show the interviewer you can easily follow directions by precisely carrying out interview-related instructions. Be sure to arrive on time, and make sure you’re familiar with the venue where the interview will take place. No matter the specifics you’re given, know them thoroughly beforehand so you won’t slip up when it matters most.

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Monitor and Adjust the Way You Respond to Questions: Generally, an interviewer wants to see if you can conduct yourself confidently when being asked spontaneous questions. Feeling nervous during an interview could cause you to display several outward signs, such as a fidgety foot or wavering voice.

Recognize what happens when you start to feel anxious, and keep those characteristics in mind. During the interview, focus on your delivery style and body language and make minor changes if necessary.

That’s especially crucial to do if you notice you’re talking too fast or not giving concise answers, which is why numerous customer service associate interview tips focus on not just what to say, but how to say it. Because working as a customer service associate usually involves speaking in some capacity, you’ll need to show how you’re able to verbally communicate slowly and relevantly for effective results.

Portray Yourself as an Excellent Candidate: Sometimes, people who work in the customer service industry sell products or services. Even if the position you’re interviewing for only involves support and not sales, you should think of yourself as a salesperson. What you’re selling is yourself.

Besides giving polished and pertinent answers to all questions posed to you, do research on the company and tailor your answers to support the belief that you’d fit in well at the company, and that the hiring manager would be making a mistake by not offering you a job.