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5 Critical Customer Service Client Relations Manager Interview Tips


Once you submit your resume and cover letter to an open customer service client relations manager position, the battle is only halfway over. You still need to get called in for an interview, and once you get that call, you need to prepare thoroughly. Employers really depend on their client relations managers, so you need to show in the interview that you are the best person for the job.

Regardless of your background or how many years of experience you have working in customer service, there are certain skills you will need to emphasize in the interview. You might be ready to answer typical question such as “what is your biggest weakness?” and “tell me about yourself.” However, certain items are more likely to come up for customer service job interviews than others. Be ready for anything by following these great customer service client relations manager interview tips.

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Customer Service Client Relations Manager Interview Tips

Display Your Interpersonal Skills: When you work in customer relations, a vast majority of your day is going to be spent talking with customers either in person or over the phone. You need to show the interviewer that you are competent with communication and that you have a friendly demeanor. One way to show this is to talk about previous work experience as a relations manager. You can also discuss transferable skills you have that would make you proficient in this type of work.

Able to Maintain a Level Head: A significant part of a customer service client relations manager job description is dealing with unruly customers who are unsatisfied with a product or service. Someone may walk into the business or call you over the phone completely aggravated. They might yell or be incredibly unruly, but it is your job to keep a calm attitude and resolve the complaint professionally. One way to communicate this aspect of your personality in a job interview is to tell a story of a time when you had to stay cool and managed to diffuse a situation effectively.

Be Prepared for Behavioral-Based Interview Questions: More job interviews are opting for a behavioral-based approach. This entails the hiring manager asking questions that require you to give a story of an experience and then stating what you learned or gained through that. In order to prepare for this, you should have a few stories ready for your past work experience to talk about. These should be experiences that highlight your strengths and give evidence that you would be an excellent employee for this organization.

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Communicate Effectively During the Interview: A large component of being a customer service client relations manager is communication. You can say that you are a great communicator and that you have excellent verbal skills. However, a hiring manager will get the proof of whether that is true in how you conduct yourself during the interview. If you pause a lot in your responses, or if you are unprepared for a certain inquiry, that is going to make the interviewer wonder if you can actually handle the job’s responsibilities. Additionally, you should try to show that you have a friendly, personable demeanor. This can be conveyed by smiling a lot and making direct eye contact with the interviewer.

Show Politeness Before and After the Interview: It is one thing to merely say you are a polite individual who can handle any customer who walks through the doors. However, it is always better to show rather than tell. Before the interview, you might interact with other individuals who work at the business. You can do yourself a lot of good by talking with them and showing respect. This will make everyone at the organization like you instead of solely the interviewer. Once you go home from the interview, you should send a quick email thanking the hiring manager for meeting with you. Actually showing you are respectful through these examples will do a lot more good than just talking about it.

You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression, so be sure you make it count by abiding by these helpful customer service client relations manager interview tips. By showcasing your skill set, you are sure to do a lot of good in increasing your odds of landing the job.