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5 Critical Customer Service Representative Interview Tips


It takes determination and research to create a winning resume and convincing cover letter, and after all the work you put into it, you have impressed an employer enough to receive an interview. But now what? Acing the interview is key to landing the job, and for that reason it is often an intimidating process for many, even the most seasoned of employees. However, it does not have to be quite so nerve-wracking with the right preparation and customer service representative interview tips.

It is always important to learn how to navigate interview procedures in general ways, such taking care to dress and behave properly, but there are some more specific ways that you can prepare for the customer service industry. As you do your research, keep in mind these five customer service representative interview tips and best practices to make your experience a success, possibly earning you the job you want.

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Customer Service Representative Interview Tips

Present a Friendly Attitude From the Start: As the front line for most daily interactions between customers and the business you desire to work for, you must be able to present an enthusiastic attitude no matter the issues at hand. The personality you present to a company’s customer base should be the same personality you show to your interviewers, and it is definitely something they will be examining during the process. Always be professional, but consider how your friendly demeanor may help your chances at being the right person for the job.

Consider How You Would Handle Conflict and Resolution: Often one of the main duties of a customer service representative is to handle unhappy or even angry customers. They may call in, come into the business, or send letters or official complaints. As the front line to these issues, you will be called upon to calm the person and find a viable solution to the problem in a professional and friendly manner. In the interview expect to be asked about times when you have had to deal with these kinds of situations. You should have at least two or three examples of when you successfully handled unhappy customers to maintain the company’s reputation. Do not be afraid to discuss a failure as a learning experience, either. It shows honesty and the ability to learn from mistakes.

Show Off Your Communication Skills During the Interview: Communication is key for all customer service personnel, who must work with customers, suppliers, clients, co-workers, and management on a daily basis through email, phone and in-person meetings. The best way to showcase your talent is to be an effective communicator during the interview process by being a good listener with all questions and information presented, taking the time to consider your answers thoughtfully, and directly and succinctly answering or offering your thoughts. By doing this, you convey to your interviewers that you will be able to show the same excellent skills to customers and other employees.

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Learn About Company Services and/or Products: As a representative, you must not only work with the clientele of the company on conflict resolution, scheduling, paperwork and similar duties, but you must also be able to answer in-depth questions about any products and services provided by the company you wish to work for. You will most likely have training after being hired, but one good way to show your dedication is to be familiar with these details for the interview. You may have the opportunity to use these things in examples of how you would go about upselling, communicating, or even problem resolving.

Research Company Policies and Use Them When Necessary: Each company has different policies when it comes to conflicts, complaints, compliance, and safety. Knowing this information before you head to the interview gives you the opportunity to show how your skills can be used in the new business model. You may even learn that you have specific experiences that match company policy. You should take a look at the corporate structure and any reporting hierarchy to know how to handle various issues as they arise. The business’s core message is also key to understand how it prioritizes customer issues, and it is often impressive to interviewers when utilized.

You have made it this far in the job-search process, and you may only have a little further to go. Make it the best it can be and showcase all the talents and experience you have by thoroughly preparing and following these customer service representative interview tips.