5 Useful Dental Interview Tips


You might have spent quite some time sending your resume and cover letter out to numerous dentists’ office throughout the city or maybe even the entire state. This can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time as you anxiously wait for a phone call or email from an employer. When the big moment comes of actually getting the job interview, you need to ensure you are thoroughly prepared so that you can ace that dental interview.

Every employer has a different interviewing style. Some meetings may only be 15 minutes while others can last an hour or more. You might not know exactly what is going to happen, but you can do yourself a lot of good by preparing comprehensively. At the end of the day, you need to show that you are the ideal person for the open position. You can accomplish that by following these useful dental interview tips.

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Dental Interview Tips

Be Ready for a Potentially Long Interview: Interviews for dentists’ office are going to vary depending on the specific position you are applying for. A job at the front desk is going to require a vastly different interview than a job as a dentist. If you are applying for a position that necessitates dental work, then there is a strong possibility you will be required to perform sample work or merely observe another dentist do work. The hiring manager should inform you how long the process will last, but the interview could last longer than the estimate given to you. It is best to not have anything planned soon after the meeting. You do not want to have to cut the interview short because you have somewhere to be. Additionally, you may be expected to do dental work while the interviewer watches, so be ready for that.

Have Licenses and References Ready: In order to prove that you can indeed work in this industry, you should have proof that you have graduated from dental school and any essential licenses with you at the interview. This will make the process go much more smoothly because you will not have to worry about sending your documentation in at a later date. Having a copy of your resume with you is also going to come in handy. Make sure you have one even if you have already emailed your resume in. A list of references is also desirable. This can include previous employers, professors or colleagues who can speak to the quality of your work.

Quote Coworkers or Patients: You can say that you are a great employee, but it is difficult to definitively prove that. However, you can point to example when your patients said they were incredibly pleased with your work. Your coworkers might be able to attest to the fact that you have always been an intelligent, caring professional who always does high-quality work. You can get these quotes from letters of recommendation or from reviews on online platforms.

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Determine If You Are a Good Cultural Fit for the Office: Many interviewees focus too much on answering the questions correctly and saying whatever they think the hiring manager wants to hear. Remember, at the end of the day, you should be happy with the environment you are working in. That means that in addition to the interviewer seeing if you would work well within the organization, you should see if this is a business you would be happy working in. Ask questions to see if the employer follows the same professional philosophy as you. See if you would be content working at this place for years to come.

Be Courteous to Everyone: Whether you are working at the front desk or working directly on patients’ teeth, you will be interacting with everyone at the office on a daily basis. Be polite to the person at the front even if he or she is not the one interviewing you. Be polite and shake hands with every employee you interact with. It will ultimately work in your favor if everyone at the office gets a good first impression of you.

Dentists’ offices are crucial to numerous communities. You will be helping in making a difference in various people’s lives, so put your best foot forward and follow these important dental interview tips.