5 Vital Director of Rehabilitation Interview Tips


You’ve spent a considerable amount of time and energy preparing for this interview opportunity. Not only have you completed advanced coursework and earned a graduate degree in behavioral or physical rehabilitation, but you also created a professional and noteworthy resume and cover letter that drew the attention of clinic or hospital administrators. Now is your chance to show them you are the right person for the job.

Before you arrive for your meeting, take time to review general best interview practices and focus on specific director of rehabilitation interview tips. Share concrete examples of how you’ve effectively managed personnel, clients, and patients in the past. Make sure you’re aware of the latest rehabilitation trends and innovations so interviewers know you are knowledgeable and up to handling this job. Don’t forget to dress professionally in order to convey a managerial presence during your interview.

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Director of Rehabilitation Interview Tips

Dress the Part: When you direct a rehabilitation clinic, you oversee a diverse group of specialists, clinicians, nurses, and clerical staff. In order to command the respect of this diverse professional staff, you need to dress like a leader. In the medical industry, most practitioners wear uniforms appropriate to their position. Even if you are a practitioner, you should dress in formal business clothes for the interview. Suits in conservative colors such as navy or gray are good choices for both men and women, as are jackets and blazers. Button-up shirts and blouses are appropriate attire and should be in classic hues such as pale blue or white. Ties should be in solid tones or classic designs such as stripes. Shoes should be dark, polished, and without extraneous straps, decorations or high heels.

Be Knowledgeable About Appropriate Rehabilitation Techniques: If you will be directing a drug rehabilitation clinic, be knowledgeable about the latest techniques to help this clientele. If the clinic specializes in rehabilitating patients with mobility challenges or physical limitations, share your views and experience on current therapeutic practices. Be ready to detail specific examples rather than make broad, general statements. Before your appointment, recall examples of patients whose lives were improved under your watch.

Show Your Ability to Communicate: In order to effectively lead an organization, a director must be a superb communicator. This means speaking clearly and directly, writing proficiently, and being an alert listener. Since your cover letter and resume earned you an invitation to be interviewed, management already knows you are a capable writer. Your face-to-face interview is your chance to show off your oral and listening skills. Use a confident, assertive tone of voice and speak authoritatively yet compassionately. Show them you could competently lead a team with a combination of strength and diplomacy. Also, demonstrate that you can be on the receiving end of communication by listening carefully to your interviewers and sharing examples of when your intuitive abilities have benefited you in the past.

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Demonstrate Your Organizational Skills: When you lead a multi-faceted rehabilitation clinic, you will be juggling priorities. In order to do so effectively, you must be highly organized. Be ready to give specifics about how you cope with maintaining productively while meeting deadlines. Tell interviewers how your organizational skills and structured approaches have led to past successes by sharing the who, what, when, where, and why of actual situations you’ve handled. While you’re on the topic of your organizational abilities, add some details about how your tactics have helped you manage and avoid stress. Because directing a medical facility is a high-pressure job, it’s important that they know you can handle the heat and, even better, that you thrive under pressure.

Bring Appropriate Documentation: It’s wise to bring copies of degrees, licenses, and certifications to the interview in case you are asked to produce them. If you’ve attended workshops, seminars, or received awards related to director of rehabilitation job duties, bring copies of those papers, as well. Being as prepared as possible for your in-person meeting will always serve you well.

Your goal is to land the coveted job of directing rehabilitation services. To do so, you need to impress your interviewers at the initial in-person meeting. When you shine in your face-to-face meeting with these director of rehabilitation interview tips in mind, it is much more likely you will be asked back for a second one and eventually be hired for the position.