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5 Helpful Division Manager Interview Tips


Your resume and cover letter need to be polished and flawless to get your name on the list of potential hires. After you make it through that step of the process, it’s time to prepare for the important first interview. This is your one chance to explain why your previous work makes you the ideal candidate, able to help steer a division towards success. While your resume might state that you have leadership qualities, a face-to-face interview is the time to demonstrate your ability to guide and assist a team.

There are certain practices that should be applied to any interview situation. Make sure to show up promptly and speak clearly. It’s also a good idea to have an extra copy of your resume on hand. While these practices and others should be observed by any hopeful job applicant, applying the following division manager interview tips will help you put your best foot and present yourself as a very worthy candidate.

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Division Manager Interview Tips

Explain Your Written and Oral Communication Abilities: As a manager who acts as a liaison between the workers at a particular branch and the rest of an organization, you’ll be responsible for a massive amount of message relaying. You need to show that you can effectively communicate via spoken word to the employees in your office, and also that you have the writing skills to convey important information to other managers and CEOs who don’t work in the same building as you. The modern day manager has to provide both real-life and cyber leadership, and you should make it clear that you’re capable of both.

Talk About the Importance of Budgeting: You might not be in charge of all of the company’s financial decisions, but anyone working with dozens of employees in multiple branches will need to have an excellent grasp of their fiscal responsibilities. This is a good time to talk about money matters from past jobs and even the importance of budgeting in your personal life. Showing that you’re responsible in all financial facets makes you a more appealing managerial candidate, while also giving you the opportunity to bring up personal and relatable characteristics that can engage the interviewer.

Offer Goal-Oriented Proposals: As you research division manager interview tips, remember that the hiring manager will be looking for unique qualities. He or she may ask questions about what you can bring to a division if you were to become manager, and this question is a great opportunity to be proactive and offer some personal business philosophy. Make it clear that you have aspirations for yourself, the company and the coworkers within your branch. Using industry and market trends, come up with a few sample projects that could be good for the business. If you can propose ideas with reasonable timelines, you can demonstrate your creative thinking while also generating interest in some of your projects.

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Present Yourself as a Problem Solver: A division manager will be required to handle the issues that arise at his or her particular branch. Drawing on specific examples from past experience when you helped a group or team overcome adversity, explain your ability to take matters into your own hands to make sure everything is as it should be. Use this interview to illustrate how you are good at working with others but aren’t necessarily reliant on your superiors or coworkers to solve problems. Think about any past experiences with sorting out misplaced shipments, payroll mishaps or any of the other hurdles that managers face. Use those examples to show how you deal with issues instead of avoiding them.

Emphasize How You Prioritize: Naturally you’ll want to express that your position as manager would be a top priority. Beyond that, you need to show that you have a knack for allocating resources and delegating tasks. Stress how you take pride in helping your fellow employees accomplish their work and achieve success. Let the interviewer know that you thrive when charged with handling multiple tasks and you understand how important leadership and teamwork are when it comes to a business operating efficiently.

When interviewing for this type of position, you want to come across as someone who’s ready to start working immediately. Following these division manager interview tips will help you illustrate that you have what it takes to do the job and are deserving of consideration.