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5 Helpful Food Service Specialist Interview Tips


Becoming a food service specialist is a worthwhile career to get into, and once you have sent an employer your outstanding resume and cover letter, you just need to wait for that interview invitation. While it is exciting to land an interview, your work is not quite done yet. The hiring manager is likely going to meet with a bunch of different people to see who the best fit is, and you need to ensure the best fit is you.

At their core, all interviews are the same. You need to use the meeting to show the interviewer that you are the best person for the job. Practice makes perfect, and you should definitely have a couple practice interviews before going into the real thing. It is important that your preparation is customized to work with the type of job you want to get, so here are some specific food service specialist interview tips to follow.

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Food Service Specialist Interview Tips

Make Sure You Have the Proper Training: In addition to being proficient in cooking a variety of meals, you may also need to complete an additional training program before being offered the job. This is one of the most important of these food service specialist interview tips if you are vying for a position within the United States Army or Coast Guard. Each sector requires their specialists to complete a program to show they are efficient in safely preparing meat, keeping the cooking area sanitary and identifying potential risks in the kitchen. The military and the private sector generally require individuals to have at least a high school diploma.

Do Your Research Beforehand: Whether you are trying to get a job in the military or some other organization, you should do plenty of research before you actually go into the interview. This should be done so that you have a good idea of what kind of meals you will be preparing. If the organization you are interviewing with mostly does vegetarian and vegan dishes, then you would want to hone your responses to that area. In that specific circumstance, it probably would not be prudent to talk about how well you can prepare a steak. Additionally, if you show that you know a thing or two about the business, then you are bound to impress the interviewer.

Show off Your Customer Service Skills: Working in a kitchen requires you to work alongside numerous different personalities. You will also need to interact with the general public from time to time. You should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be able to give examples of when you exemplified those skills on the job. The hiring manager will likely ask you behavior interview questions that require you to respond with a story as opposed to simply responding with a “Yes” or “No.” You should describe a situation you had to deal with and share the results of that event.

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Show Your Passion for Cooking: When a business needs to hire a food service specialist, they want someone who will be passionate about the craft. They do not want someone who is just looking for a job to pay the bills and will quit at the first opportunity of something better. You should share a couple tidbits about yourself that show why you are a great fit for the position. Doing research about the company should also give you an idea of why you want to work for this particular organization as opposed to a similar one in the industry.

Show up on Time: The general rule of thumb to follow is to show up 10 to 15 minutes early to your interview. This is especially crucial in customer service positions because if you are tasked with making food, the company cannot afford to have you show up late and inconvenience customers. Give yourself plenty of time to find the location where the interview is being held. If you tend to get nervous, spend a minute calming yourself down so that you look composed and ready. Finally, arrive at your interview dressed professionally.

The interview is your chance to show the employer everything you have to offer. This is the time to lay all your cards on the table, so follow these food service specialist interview tips to have greater success in all future interviews.