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5 Practical Government Auditor Interview Tips


That government auditor job application you sent in has been on your mind for some time, and you have finally received a call. You’ve just scheduled the interview you were hoping for. This is a job you’ve really wanted, and you are just thrilled that your application has been selected for further review. If everything goes well, your career will finally take off like you have always planned, but you still have a long way to go. There are many other competing applicants, so you need to take the time to focus your efforts on preparing for your first interview.

Interviewing for a government job is a little different than a job with a private company. There are levels of assessment, and the hiring decision is often made by a committee. You may be interviewed by a panel of experts, and you will be asked several behavioral questions. You will need to perform consistently throughout and appeal to a majority of those individuals, so be sure to use these government auditor interview tips.

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Government Auditor Interview Tips

Describe How You Became an Auditor: The role of an auditor is not one of the classic childhood daydreams, but you feel it’s the perfect career for you. Your thought process is of interest to the hiring managers, and it probably isn’t the pay that attracted you to your profession. When asked to describe yourself, take the opportunity to recount your personal journey to becoming an auditor. When you talk about your qualifications, discuss your motivations at the same time. Not only will this give you a chance to demonstrate your skills set, it will also help to create a clear picture of your passion for your career.

Be Ready to Answer Tough Moral Dilemma Questions: A government auditor is tasked with finding and eliminating fraud and waste. The Government Accountability Office publishes guidebooks for performing high quality audits. These guidelines describe an auditor’s integrity, objectivity, and independence. An interviewer may ask questions that challenge you on any one of these areas to see if you understand the responsibilities an auditor has. It is a good idea to review these guidelines thoroughly before your interview. Be ready to answer without hesitating.

Hone Your People Skills: Auditors must be able to enter new professional environments and quickly gain the trust and cooperation of the staff they meet. Your interview is a chance to demonstrate that you have the people skills necessary to build productive relationships quickly. There are a lot of nerves in an interview, and it is common to be a little tense. Change your mindset, and enter the meeting as though you are about to be the one investigating. Show how your approach might set a nervous administrative staff member at ease. Practice speaking confidently, and be direct. Avoid superficial charm, and demonstrate the professional demeanor you would use in a working situation.

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Show Off Your Analytical Abilities: Interviewers are looking for clear critical thinking skills. You may be asked hypothetical questions that force you to analyze a difficult situation. The most difficult situational questions will often present you with misinformation or conflicting stories. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is not the same thing as knowing the difference between left and right. Don’t let yourself get turned around by confusing wording. Take your time, and ask for clarification when you are uncertain. Evaluate the facts for their own merits, and make up your own mind about any given topic.

Take Time to Talk about Your Career Goals: You have a future, and you want it to be as profitable and productive as possible. Make sure you bring up your future prospects with the agency you are interviewing with. Discuss your opportunities for advancement, professional training, and networking. It is an established fact that a job candidate who demonstrates initiative with her or his own career growth has a better chance at being hired, but you also want to make certain that the job you are considering has enough potential to satisfy your personal ambitions. Know what goals you have, and be able to describe them.

The better prepared you are for your first job interview, the more likely your odds are of being called for a second interview. Take the time to put some effort into your responses with these government auditor interview tips.