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5 Important Health Insurance Sales Agent Interview Tips


You’ve constructed a stellar resume that showcases your talents and experience. Also, you’ve crafted a cover letter that makes you stand out from other job applicants. Now, you need to get ready for the first job interview, when you’ll meet for the first time with hiring managers. They want to learn a little more about you, your job history and your skills to decide whether or not to call you back for a follow-up interview or job offer.

Regardless of your chosen field, your first steps to interview readiness are following standard best practices. Besides dressing professionally, showing a genuine interest in the company by researching beforehand and asking insightful questions will help you rise above your competition. The following important health insurance sales agent interview tips help you boost your performance in interviews and bring you one step closer toward a job as a health insurance sales agent.

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Health Insurance Sales Agent Interview Tips

Make Sure You Have the Required Education, Certifications, and Licenses: Insurance agents are legally mandated to be licensed in the state in which they practice. Additionally, agents must also hold a separate license to sell health insurance. Each state proscribes a particular set of courses, as well as passing specified exams, to obtain these licenses. Also, while you can land a job with a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree will certainly improve your chances. Finally, certifications are a testament to expertise and a desire for continued learning to a prospective employer. Having these offers you an edge over your competitors in the job market.

Know Your Target Company and Its Products: Although this is already part of customary advice for job seekers, it’s especially critical for a health insurance sales agent. Familiarity with your potential employer, their products and the industry speaks to your sincere, keen interest and to your future commitment to in-depth knowledge of their offerings. Find out all you possibly can about the firm before going to the interview, including their target market, insurance products, and its financial performance. Be ready to demonstrate what you know to the hiring manager, and don’t just stick to merely quoting facts and figures. Use this information to show the interviewer how you can contribute to the business’ success with your skills and talents as a sales professional.

Communicate Like a Professional: Communication is an integral part of any sales position. Your skills in this area need to be top-notch, especially when reaching out to either clients or a possible employer. Before arriving to your first job interview, review your employment and educational history, and use it to create talking points that showcase your skills. Keep your answers concise and relevant, in order to sell yourself while avoiding rambling or being vague. Maintain a similar professional tone in your phone calls to the employer, and don’t forget to ensure that your written communication to them includes proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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Stress Your Customer Service Abilities: As most sales professionals are already aware, there is a strong customer service component to their jobs. As an agent, your goal is to ascertain your client’s needs and offer products that best serve them. This requires careful listening, sharp analytical skills, and deductive reasoning. During the interview, be ready to provide concrete examples of how you successfully met a customer’s needs.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language: While this is essential advice to anyone who’s job hunting, this can especially make or break someone looking for work in sales. Keep in mind that solid body language is typically interpreted in a positive manner to convey your interest. This includes things such as a firm handshake, sitting up straight, leaning forward slightly, facing the interviewer and smiling. Eye contact is also recommended, but you can focus on the speaker’s nose or lips as an alternative to avoid making yourself or the other person uncomfortable.

These several health insurance sales agent interview tips are key in helping you ace the first job interview and getting called back for the follow-up interview. Make sure your education, licensing, and certifications are in order before even submitting your resume and cover letter. During the interview, display extensively knowledge of the employer and your industry, as well as your customer service skills. Finally, effective communication and positive body language are especially critical for you as a sales professional. Follow these tips, and you’ll be much closer to landing a health insurance sales job.