5 Essential HR Generalist Interview Tips


You have made it to the interview, one of the crucial stages in the hiring process. Since you have been called in for a face-to-face meeting, it is likely that the potential employer believes you have the qualifications for the job, thanks to your standout cover letter and resume. What you need to do at this interview is to take that strong first impression to the next level that will get you hired. These five essential HR generalist interview tips will help you prove that you have what it takes for the job.

An interview is not only a chance to show you have the intelligence and the ability to get the job done; it also demonstrates that you can add something new to the company. There may be several or scores of competing applicants, so it is important to give the interviewer the impression that you have something unique to offer. In addition to answering questions concerning your experience, let your personality shine through and show that you have the capacity for taking a fresh approach.

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HR Generalist Interview Tips

Show Broad Knowledge: As an HR generalist, you deal with all aspects of human resources and communicate with those inside the company as well as outside organizations. You may have a broad variety of responsibilities depending on what kind of company is doing the hiring and whether it is large or small. You may screen potential employees, train new hires and deal with government offices concerning taxes or handle insurance issues. Take the opportunity provided by the interview to prove that you are well-versed with a multiplicity of duties.

Discuss Your Credentials: The interviewer most likely read your resume prior to the interview, but it is still important to highlight some salient aspects of your education and experience listed there. Talk about your college courses that led to your BA or bring up examples from your years working in HR departments. Remind the interviewer of why he or she called you in the first place — your qualifications. Talk about your experience in a way that sets you apart from those with similar qualifications and communicate your unique approach to problems that arise in the workplace.

Emphasize Your Communication Skills: The interview gives you a chance to demonstrate a crucial skill in practice. Since an interview requires strong communication, it is the perfect venue to prove that you are adept at such interactions. A human resources generalist needs to communicate across a variety of channels inside and outside the company, so demonstrate that you are well-versed in dealing with these channels. During the interview, speak in an assertive, direct manner that inspires confidence.

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Remember the Personal Touch: When you work in a human resources department, you always have in mind that the main component in a company’s success is its employees. Your job requires you to be on the lookout for certain personal traits that may contribute to the company as well as nurturing those attributes in new hires. You will be the go-to person if there are issues that arise that require a fresh perspective. Let your interviewer see that you have a knack for understanding personality types and can establish a positive connection with employees. The interview provides an opportunity to show your personal touch in a one-on-one context.

Be Organized: In addition to showing communication skills and knowledge of interpersonal dynamics, there are other traits that are more basic but also essential. In a human resources job it is likely that you will have to assume several roles and deal with a variety of issues and projects at once. Having a sharp eye for detail and superb organizational skills will be important to stay on top of your many duties. During an interview, make sure you inspire confidence in your organized approach to problems. Paying attention to often-overlooked details, like making sure your briefcase and purse are orderly, can help create an impression that you are in control.

These essential HR generalist interview tips can make you stand out from the other applicants and help you take a step towards a new career. If you make it clear you are knowledgeable about the complex workings of a human resources department, demonstrate communication skills and show that you are organized and detail oriented, you may be rewarded the job on the spot.