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5 Crucial HR Manager Interview Tips


Your cover letter and resume passed the test, and now you are preparing for your interview. Like the majority of candidates for the job, it is likely you have the requisite education and experience. What the interviewer wants to see is what sets you apart from other applicants for this position. It is important to apply basic interview strategies, such as showing confidence and being well-versed in industry practices, but you should also display a unique edge by using these five HR manager interview tips to your advantage.

Acing an interview means striking a balance between showing an understanding of the way the company operates and offering something new. You can expect questions about your qualifications and skills, but be proactive and offer a taste of the insights you will bring to the company. Setting yourself apart from the usual applicant may mean clinching the job and furthering your career.

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HR Manager Interview Tips

Show What You Know: Be well-versed in principles of human resource management and discuss approaches to searching for talent, training, onboarding and building a team. Although the interviewer most likely has seen your resume, highlight the details mentioned there, such as where you earned your BA and your past work experience. Bring in tangible examples that demonstrate your expertise in dealing with employees and management.

Be a Leader: As a human resources manager, you will be a leader of a team. During the interview, be assertive and show confidence. Discuss cases that required you to take the reins and direct the team through a challenging project. One of the most vital HR Manager interview tips is to demonstrate that you can bring people on board who will be beneficial to the company and who you can guide to reach high levels of productivity.

Demonstrate Communication Skills: An interview provides one of the best opportunities to prove your skill in one of the most important aspects of your job — communication. Human resource managers have to do quite a lot of communication with employees and those involved in other aspects of the company’s operation. The way you answer questions can show you are an effective communicator. Keep your language direct and clear, and provide details at crucial points to give the interviewer a full picture of your abilities as a manager.

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Offer a New Approach: When a company makes a new hire, its aim is to bring on board someone who fits well into the business culture while providing a fresh spark that may lead to taking the company in a new direction. Give an indication of what improvements you can make in hiring and training to retain current employees and to bolster morale and productivity. Thinking outside the box may show you have something unique to offer that could create positive changes. At the same time make sure your suggestions fit with the current company structures and goals, and get to know the business well prior to the interview so you can demonstrate insight into the company’s corporate structure.

Talk About Building a Team: Having a great human resources philosophy is one step, but it has to be applied with the right team. The strength of the players individually and collectively is the secret to many successful businesses, and it is vital to show the interviewer that you know what it takes to put together an efficient team. In the course of the interview, discuss team dynamics, integration and how to fire up employees. Discuss obstacles to teamwork, such as faulty communication and retention issues and how you will address them. Considering one-on-one work with team members as well as group dynamics will show you understand the principle of teamwork.

Applying these HR Manager interview tips will allow you to demonstrate that you have unique qualities to contribute to a human resources department. In addition to discussing your knowledge and experience, you can show that you are a superb leader, have outstanding communication skills and understand the elements of building a stellar team. Incorporate real-life examples of successfully overcoming obstacles into the interview and let your personality and charm shine through. An interview gives a prospective employer a window to view how an applicant identifies and solves problems. Ensure your interview is a successful one that lands your dream job.