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5 Detailed HR Officer Interview Tips


After you are done perfecting your resume and cover letter, you need to get ready for your first job-related meetings. Chances are potential employers will call you for an interview, but are you going to be ready to wow them? This point in the process is integral to landing a job, because you need to showcase the right skills, qualifications and personality traits to make it clear you are a standout applicant.

In order to learn about the interview process, you should look over some general best practices. These guidelines will frequently cover common questions, best answers, what to wear and how to act. However, general guidelines may not be enough to impress the hiring manager, so what can you do? Use these detailed HR officer interview tips to better prepare yourself for this human resources-related meeting. With the right specialized knowledge, you will have a better chance of acing the interview process and landing the job.

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HR Officer Interview Tips

Tout Your Education: In order to get an HR officer position, you are likely going to need at least a bachelor’s degree if not a master’s degree. No matter what level of education you have, you should prepare to flaunt it. Let the hiring manager know what level of education you have, what you studied and how it will help you be a great employee. Many interviewers may directly ask about your education, but you might have to organically work the benefits of your learning into the conversation. You can do this by talking about the skills you gained thanks to your degree. If you find yourself with less education than the employer desires, you need to find a way to show him or her that you have the technical knowledge needed even without the formal education.

Express Your Ambitions: Do you hope to get promotions in the future to more advanced human resources positions, or pursue special certifications or licenses? Many employers want to hire an applicant with ambition and drive because there is a higher chance that employee will perform well. Throughout the first meeting you should try to make your ambition as clear as possible by talking about where you see yourself in five years or your goals. You could also talk about your willingness to attend conferences and workshops as a way to grow professionally.

Highlight Sought After Skills: If you really want to make yourself a clear candidate, you need to know what the employer is looking for in an applicant. You can get an idea of the skills being sought after by reading through the job description. You likely have your skills listed on your resume, but to be a memorable applicant you need to discuss the abilities during the meeting itself. Talk about your decision making, leadership, communication, interpersonal and organizational abilities in the stories you tell. Explain how these skills are going to help you shine in the HR officer position.

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Ask About Opportunities: You ought to learn about your career opportunities before you go into and during the interview. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resources manager and officer occupations are expected to increase steadily over the next decade. This could point to there being more availabilities, but the positions will likely be highly competitive because of the pay scale and responsibilities. During the interview, you can inquire about opportunities you may have in the company. Ask about where the person who had the job before you went or potential promotions you might expect. This interest in professional opportunities could help you stand out from the crowd.

Showcase Important Experience: Finally, you need to make your related experience very clear. Most employers are looking for someone with management and human resources experience. It matters less what your specific experience is, provided you can make it clear that the experience you do have will help you succeed. Do this by tying your experiences back to human resource-related topics. For example, if you worked with employee benefits before, you may be able to talk about your knowledge of employment laws; or if you’ve handled financial or accounting budgets in other departments, that will help show you can deal with payrolls.

If you review these and other HR officer interview tips, you may have a better chance of impressing the hiring manager and ultimately landing the job.