5 Crucial HR Representative Interview Tips


You have spent hours tweaking your cover letter and resume until the formatting and content are the best that they can be, and you’ve been asked to come in for an interview as a result of your dedication. This initial interview is used by hiring managers to get an idea about your job-related information, including your work history and skillsets. This first impression is what heavily determines whether or not the company will bring you back in for a more detailed interview.

As you prepare for this first interview, it is important that you keep in mind the practices that are commonly regarded as being the most successful for locking down a job. Make sure that you stand out from other candidates by confidently articulating your best skills and other qualities that make you the best choice to fill the position. Read on for a set of HR representative interview tips that complement this more general advice to get the most out of your interview.

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HR Representative Interview Tips

Do Your Homework: While you may be an expert on yourself, chances are that you probably do not have the same level of familiarity with the company to which you are applying. People who work in human resources often have to be able to process a great deal of information in order to provide the best advice or make the best possible decision. Taking the time to do a bit of research on the company and its common business dealings is not only a great way to get a better idea for the intricacies of this particular position; it also demonstrates initiative that any company will value.

Showcase Your Financial Prowess: In just about every HR representative job, one task they all share is to conduct financial transactions, whether between the company and its suppliers or its customers, or employee payrolls. If you have a background of higher education in finance, economics or some similar field, now is the time to mention it. Additionally, any prior positions you have held that had a financial aspect are also worth pointing out, as they demonstrate your experience with handling finances.

Discuss Your Ability to Resolve Problems: Regardless of the company, every job in human resources requires that you deal with people on a regular basis, both from within the company and outside of it. Because of this, employers need to know that you have what it takes to handle any major issues that may arise between these individuals with a clear head and in compliance with the policies of the company. Having a background in any kind of management or counseling, whether in school or professionally, is worth mentioning in the interview.

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Show Your Capacity to Stay Organized: The third major responsibility of any job as an HR representative is maintaining records of everything from employee payments to company purchases. For you to do this effectively, you must demonstrate your clerical aptitude during your interview. Regardless of whether or not your interviewer brings up the subject directly, it’s a sure bet that he or she wants to know about it. When the time comes to discuss your skills and work history, be clear that you are more than capable of keeping company records organized and updated. Any previous work accomplishments involving the improvement of company filing systems is fair game for discussion.

Make the Interviewer Aware of Any Certifications: While not a requirement to work in the human resources field, there are certain certifications that, if you have them, will substantially boost your chances of getting the HR representative job. The Society for Human Resource Management has programs available that result in you becoming an SHRM Certified Professional or an SHRM Senior Certified Professional. Even if the posting for the job for which you are interviewing does not list certification as a requirement, being certified can only benefit you, particularly when the time comes to negotiate your salary. It also increases your chances for advancement within the company.

As long as you keep the above HR representative interview tips in mind when you go in to interview for the open position, you’ll leave the interviewer with a positive impression that’s sure to make you stand out when the time comes to finally hire someone.