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5 Notable Human Resources Technician Interview Tips


Once you have submitted your outstanding resume and cover letter, you will be expected to complete a job interview to show you have the skills and ability to handle the work. The interview is a crucial step to landing the job because it is your chance to tell employers why they should hire you. This is also the chance for you to learn more about the position. If you really want to land the job, you must work on perfecting your interview skills. You want to put your best foot forward and prepare for the questions that will be asked.

At any interview, be sure to follow the general best practices for interviewing, while also projecting a professional attitude and making it clear that you are the perfect person for the job. This is your chance to shine and to really win over the interviewer, so you need to make sure that everything you say is telling them why you should be hired. The following human resources technician interview tips will help to ensure that your interview impresses and helps you to land that new job.

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Human Resources Technician Interview Tips

Showcase Your Communication Skills: A major part of your job is going to be talking with other employees, so this is one of the human resources technician interview tips that will be very helpful. You’ll have to help with orientations and other training. You’ll also maintain employee files and may have to address issues that come up between employees. It is essential that the interviewer knows you have the ability to clearly communicate. Make sure that you take a moment to think through responses and offer clear answers. The interviewer will be watching how easily you can get your point across without stumbling over words or rambling. You may also want to talk about any experience you have with conducting training courses and working directly with employees.

Highlight Your Commitment to High Ethical Standards: As a human resources technician you will be handling a lot of sensitive information about employees, such as phone numbers, social security numbers and background information. You should give the interviewer examples of past jobs where you had to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information. It is essential that you let the interviewer know you are committed to keeping information private and following all the ethical rules involved with the job. Make sure that you avoid talking about anything that could be considered confidential when discussing past job experience. Letting any confidential information about past employers or employees slip out could be a huge red flag that costs you the job.

Be Prepared to Ask Questions: Interviewers expect that you will have some questions about the position. The interview is a time for you to ask about anything related to the job or company. Always have a few well-thought out questions ready to ask that will show you are interested in learning more about the company and position. For example, you may want to ask if you will be handling issues with absences and vacations time off, because some companies will include this as part of a human resources technician’s job duties while others will not. You should use this as a chance to show you were listening during the interview and to showcase how interested you are in the position. Ask questions that will convey to the interviewer that you are already thinking like an employee. This will allow them to better picture you in the position.

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Emphasize Your Past Office Experience: A major part of a human resources technician job is working in an office. You have to be able to answer telephones, use computer programs and maintain employee files. The interviewer is going to be looking at how comfortable you would feel in such a situation. By highlighting your past office experience, you will be able to show that you can do the tasks required.

Make Sure You Are Dressed Properly: This position is in an office. You will be working with many different people, so you have to look professional. The way you dress at the interview should be how you would dress on a normal day at work. You want to project that you would fit into the office. Avoid casual wear, especially jeans. You should be well groomed and carry yourself in a professional manner. You may want to do some research beforehand because all offices are different, but in general you can’t go wrong with business casual attire.