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5 Important Insurance Account Manager Interview Tips


There are few situations during your career that conjure up such levels of nervousness as the interview. It can feel like being in the hot seat, but with attention to the importance of preparation, you can walk into the interview with a higher degree of confidence and enthusiasm, and less stress. You’ve already done quite a bit of work getting ready for your meeting with a prospective employer by putting together a winning resume. Now you can put the same effort into how to best present yourself in the face-to-face meeting.

There are resources and materials that are available for you to consider the more generic aspects of the interview process, and those are definitely useful. In this instance, though, when you want to know more about the specifics of your particular field, these insurance account manager interview tips are geared toward helping you attain your goals. Keep these pointers in mind as you prepare to enter the interview with the knowledge that you are ready and willing to fulfill the requirements of position.

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Insurance Account Manager Interview Tips

Make Sure You Possess the Relevant Certifications: Every state is responsible for the oversight of regulations and requirements that are applicable to the position of insurance account manager within its domain. Your research and follow through in attaining the necessary certifications and licenses for your particular location will put you one step ahead in your pursuit for this occupation. Companies often seek candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree and experience in the insurance industry or a related field.

Be Prepared to Explain Your Skills of Organization: A significant component of the insurance account manager’s overall responsibilities is related to organization of policy stipulations and qualifying factors, client details and company operations. In order to keep current on the latest information in this field where updates and changes occur frequently, an insurance account manager must be able to access source material, files and documents quickly. Make sure you can give the interviewer examples of instances when you have kept files and records neatly organized.

Put Together a List of Examples When You Displayed Excellent Communication Ability: An insurance account manager is tasked with relaying quite complicated information to the general public in a way that is easy to comprehend. Clients can only make an informed decision about the insurance coverage if they have a full understanding about what is being offered and the cost involved. Think of times when you were responsible for communicating important information to people so they could better understand all the details.

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Compile Your Customer Service Experience: An insurance account manager must be responsive to those people within the company who will request information, such as analysis of client base, and also clients who might call with an urgent need for assistance. In addition, there will be interactions with prospective clients who are seeking information about the company. Strong customer service skills are very important for dealing with co-workers, colleagues and clients. Be prepared to describe exact scenarios of when your high level customer service skills were especially utilized.

Gather Questions You Would Like Answered About the Job and the Firm: A well-conducted interview affords the interviewer a chance to ask you questions and also for you to make inquiries about the company. Think of a few things you would like to ask the interviewer ahead of time so you can be prepared to broach the questions during the interview. You might want to ask about opportunities for advancement for employees and how your performance skills will be evaluated. First, take a good look at the company’s website to see if perhaps some of those questions are answered there. Even if you do find answers on the website, the interview is your opportunity to get further information that will help you get a better understanding about the company.

As you go through the insurance account manager interview tips listed above, you will become well versed in anticipating the topics that might be addressed in the interview process. Also, you can bolster your confidence so you are presenting your best qualifications for the job and also showing your interest by asking questions that can help you decide if this job is the right one for you. It will make a world of difference, so you can relax and make a professional impression in your search for a position as insurance account manager.