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5 Excellent Insurance Agent Interview Tips


You have built a strong resume, and now you’re preparing to meet with a prospective employer face to face for the interview. This can be a stressful thing to consider because you have a strong desire to attain a successful outcome. You can achieve the best possible results and increase the chances of ultimately receiving a job offer by keeping in mind the importance of preparation.

By this point, you’ve spent a significant amount of time preparing for your new job already. All the effort you’ve put into gathering the information for your resume and formatting it in the way that shows your potential contribution to a company has paid off, and your next step is the interview. It’s crucial, though, to continue laying the groundwork for success. In addition to the general interview advice you may find in other sources, these five insurance agent interview tips are specifically pertinent to your situation.

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Insurance Agent Interview Tips

Make It a Priority to Get the Required Licenses for Your State: Regulations regarding licenses granted for the insurance agent position vary from state to state. The training, testing and continuing education involved to receive the necessary license and keep it current will apply according to where you are located. Research the information that is in effect in your area, and pursue the necessary certifications so you can enter the position fully licensed.

Speak With Your Personal Insurance Agent to Learn the Day-to-Day Routine: To become more familiar with what to expect before you engage in conversation with the interviewer, try to meet with someone who is already in that position, and ask them to fill you in on the regular challenges and rewards of the job. This could provide a useful opportunity to gather first-hand information and suggestions on how to navigate the interview. Having an informal conversation with an experienced insurance agent in advance of your interview can be a valuable way to build confidence.

Formulate a Description of How You Are Comfortable Analyzing Customer Needs: The bottom line responsibility of an insurance agent is to sell insurance. In order to perform that function successfully, the insurance agent must be adept at discerning the client’s insurance needs and matching those needs with the best possible coverage. Gather examples of instances when you reached out to others to buy something based on your knowledge of their needs and wants, and how you met those needs with a correlating service or product. Whether you have experience selling shoes or newspaper subscriptions, the product isn’t important. The important thing is your ability to guide the customer toward the sale.

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Make a List of the Times You Have Taken Initiative to Produce Results: Sometimes a successful insurance agent is described as someone who is a go-getter. That means they have taken the reins and been personally instrumental in reaching out to prospective clients and asking for their business. This is a crucial requirement for the position, and any examples you can share with the interviewer of scenarios when you, too, took initiative to accomplish your goals will be looked on favorably. In particular, an insurance agent must make cold calls to introduce themselves to strangers and ask if they are interested in purchasing insurance coverage. Companies are seeking candidates who are able to show that they have initiative and confidence.

Think of Questions to Ask so You’ll Understand the Position and the Company: It is common for insurance agents who are new to the job to learn the ins and outs of the position by following the guidance of the experienced agents in the firm. Before you get to that point, however, you can take advantage of the interview to ask particular question about the culture and management style of the firm. It’s a good idea to take an in-depth look at the company’s website before the meeting, but during the meeting, it is appropriate, even expected, that you ask questions that can help you determine if it is a good fit for you at this time in your career.

The insurance agent interview tips above are designed to help assure you that you are fully prepared to enter the interview with a firm grasp of the information you’ll want to share with a prospective employer. This is your time to show your value as a potential employee and learn more about the company. Follow the steps listed, and you will be ready for that moment.