5 Unbeatable Insurance Resume Sample Interview Tips


After you’ve worked hard on your resume and presented your expertly-written cover letter, the next thing you need to worry about is the job interview itself. This interview is an important part of the hiring process because it gives prospective employers the opportunity to decide whether or not you live up to the personality you’ve presented on paper, and whether or not you’ll be a good match for their company. There are several things to keep in mind during an interview, some of which are hard to recall in the moment when you’re actually answering the questions. While there are certainly some general practices that make all job interviews a bit easier, it’s also crucial to keep a few more specific guidelines in mind throughout the process. The following insurance resume sample interview tips will help you make the best possible first impression and really stand out as a candidate worthy of the positon you’re pursuing.

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Insurance resume sample interview tips

Research the Company: While this seems like a general tip at first, it’s actually very important for those looking for employment in the insurance industry. There are thousands of insurance products out there, and each individual business tends to run things its own way, from making and fulfilling claims to handling tasks behind the scenes. Not only should know enough about the company to impress your interviewer, but you should also know enough to convince yourself that working for this particular company is a move that aligns with your own ideals and career goals. If you’re in line with the company in question, you’re bound to make a much better impression.

Dress in Business Attire: Again, this seems like a general tip at first, but in this line of work it’s important to appear professional at all times. You’ll likely be expected to meet with clients in order to ascertain their claims or to sign them up for a new policy. Any insurance business, no matter how large or small, will want to ensure you’re helping them look their best in this matter. Therefore, put your best foot forward when it comes to your attire during the interview to show you’re able to handle this aspect of the job.

Focus on Your Education: Many companies hiring for this position require a bachelor’s degree, but few job ads actually denote a specific field of study. While this is excellent for those who may not want to work in the field in which they obtained their degree, it may prove problematic. Those with degrees in English or philosophy, for example, may need to convince the interviewer that their education can be valuable in the claims world. Draw attention to the strengths that your education has allowed you, such as the ability to think critically, read between the lines and communicate succinctly and easily through written media. These are all qualities that hold value in the industry, and they serve as a great way to promote yourself to potential employers during an interview.

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Recall the Importance of Body Language: While you may think your words are what speak the loudest during the interview, remember that managers will be watching your body language in order to discover some of your traits as well. Therefore, it’s important to avoid those bad habits that may set off red flags for employers and reduce your likelihood of obtaining the position. Slouching, zoning out and fidgeting are all signs that you’re not really invested in the interview in question, which in turn is an indicator that you will probably not perform well on the job or with the company’s clients. Insurance agents must work well with people, and employers want to see those traits in action. Be sure to sit up straight, smile often and maintain eye contact when answering questions.

Show Interest: Part of your job will be to pay attention and show interest in the insurance cases you encounter on a day to day basis. Therefore, being insightful during the interviewing process is in your best interest. Asking questions when the interview ends shows not only that you’re truly interested in the position, but also that you’re the type of person who likes to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter before making a decision.

Implementing these insurance resume sample interview tips can help you stand out as a client-focused candidate.