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5 Essential Licensed Practical Nurse Interview Tips


Your resume and cover letter skills have got to be sharp to land an interview in today’s competitive job market, but keep in mind that once you do, your competition is entirely made up of other people whose written presentation skills are just as advanced as yours and whose list of professional accomplishments is also probably quite competitive. To close on landing the job, you need to be able to give an outstanding performance in the interview. This means not only answering the prospective employer’s questions well, it means doing so in a way that helps you stand out from the rest of the pack.

When you deliver a specific and intriguing performance in the interview, you help to differentiate yourself from other qualified candidates. Doing this in a way that also marks you as a particularly good fit for the needs of a particular health care organization means arming yourself with both solid general job interview strategies and a few specialized licensed practical nurse interview tips.

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Licensed Practical Nurse Interview Tips

Communicate Your Goals: In the health care field, advancement usually comes by means of continued education and professional development. As an LPN, it will be a fairly common practice for employers to ask where you see yourself in five or even ten years. This is a way of gauging your ambitions and your perception of your own strengths and goals, and it also gives them some insight into the areas in which you would be interested in developing specialized skills. Knowing how to effectively match those goals to their usefulness for a prospective employer is one way to not only demonstrate excellence, but to also make yourself out to be an excellent long-term investment.

Strategize Your Answers: Practicing top interview questions will take you pretty far, but to really clinch the interview, you need to also plan to deal with unforeseen questions or challenges. That means practicing a formula that lets you pull from a few familiar accomplishments and stories that showcase your skills most effectively so you gain the fluency you need to map them onto surprising or unconventional questions on the fly. This way, you know how to effectively deliver the answers your interviewer needs to hear even when you were not prepared for the specifics of the question.

Know the Audience: Licensed practical nurses fulfill a variety of roles in different departments of hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, and rehabilitation clinics. To get the most out of the other licensed practical nurse interview tips, you need to know how to best match your skills and goals to your audience. That means doing deep research, understanding both the health care philosophy of the institution and the particular niche you will be filling. It helps, too, if you are able to demonstrate the kind of flexibility that shows you can step into supporting other roles specific to that organization, because it lets the company know you are ready to flex with its needs.

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Practice in Real Time: After you have the information and you have worked out your general strategies for the interview, the next step is polishing your actual delivery. For this, you’ll need to find a partner (or some partners) who can evaluate your answers to various questions. For the best results, find people who have done the job or at least worked in the industry, or else find trained career consultants who have worked with people in your niche. That way, they can talk to you about both the quality of your answers and your delivery, allowing you to bridge the gap between the two, delivering a rounded performance that emphasizes your excellence.

Come Prepared With Stories: Part of polishing up your delivery is being ready to talk about professional accomplishments and other moments of excellence. As you strategize answers to your questions and practice delivering them, make sure you’ve identified the strongest examples of your skills for your particular audience. Remember that this might be different from interview to interview, so it needs to be reviewed every time you get ready to go out there for a new one. Paying attention to the specific needs of your prospective employers is the single most important aspect of putting together all these licensed practical nurse interview tips and making them work for you.