5 Important Life Insurance Agent Interview Tips


It takes a lot of time and effort to conduct a thorough job search, prepare a top-notch resume, and compose the perfect cover letter. However, your hard work paid off and now you are faced with the next challenging task: the initial interview. Acing this interview is extremely important because you are competing against a number of other applicants. While this may seem daunting, there are certain guidelines that you should follow that will make the process easier.

During the initial face-to-face interview, the hiring manager will be getting a general sense of you as a person and of you as a potential employee. You will need to demonstrate how your experience and knowledge will be beneficial in the available role and that you will be a good fit as an employee for the organization. There are a number of interview best practices that you should follow, but there are also specific points you should highlight in order to show you are a better choice over other job candidates. Following the subsequent life insurance agent interview tips will help you land a second interview.

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Life Insurance Agent Interview Tips

Highlight Your Education Background: Many organizations don’t require more than a high school diploma for a life insurance agent position. However, if you have a college degree or have taken some postsecondary courses, definitely talk about this so that you stand out over other applicants. If you have taken classes that will improve your success on the job, you should talk about them. These may include business, public-speaking, economics, and finance classes. Having your life insurance license may be required, and having licenses to sell other types of insurance may be helpful as well.

Demonstrate Your Motivation and Work Ethic: Being a life insurance agent calls for self-motivation if you want to be successful. Discuss how you built up a client base in past positions, especially if they included cold-calling, informational seminars, or other tactics that show your persistence and confidence. Discuss how you plan on building clients if you were to land this position. You may even outline what a typical day would look like so that the interviewer knows you are serious about the position and have already begun making plans.

Showcase Your Salesmanship: Being great at sales and having the ability to close sales are important in order to be successful in this position. In regards to life insurance agent interview tips, talk about your background in sales, even if it isn’t in the insurance industry. Use specific numbers when possible, such as the percentage of deals you closed per week, how many accounts you handled, and the number of different people you met with on a daily basis. You can even demonstrate your closing ability by selling yourself throughout the interview and then directly asking for the position at the end. This will prove to the hiring manager that you are able to fulfill the needs of the organization and have the confidence to help it become successful.

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Emphasize Your Communication Skills: Life insurance agents must be able to correspond with managers, clients, and prospective clients about a variety of subjects. They must be able to explain policies clearly and listen to what the client needs. Discuss with the interviewer how you communicate with clients to determine the best policy for them and how you prepare reports for each one. It’s also a good idea to talk about any public speaking engagements you participate in to educate others about the benefits of life insurance.

Ask Questions: Even if you feel the hiring manager has covered the pertinent information, be sure to ask a few questions at the end of the interview, which is a great way to show you are seriously interested about the job. It helps to have a few inquiries prepared ahead of time in case the interview doesn’t bring up any for you. You may ask how your performance will be measured, what the company’s values are, or if the company supports ongoing education and training for its employees.

These life insurance agent interview tips should be helpful in making a good impression at your interview. If you do well in your initial interview, you will have a greater chance of landing a second one, and perhaps even being chosen for the position. Be sure to put the above tips to good use to start the next step of your career.