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5 Critical Life Insurance Salesperson Interview Tips


After all of your hard work conducting a thorough job search, you are ready to take the next step. You have tweaked your resume and prepared a polished cover letter, and now you have been invited to an initial interview for your perfect job. While it can be nerve racking, if you are properly prepared, you will ace the face-to-face and hopefully be invited back for a second meeting.

The initial interview has a couple of purposes. The interviewer will determine if you have the proper qualifications for the job, and if you are a good fit for the company. This is your time to shine and demonstrate the related skills and knowledge that the position calls for. Answer direct questions and address ones that aren’t even asked but you know are important. In general, there are a number of best practices that should be followed in order to crush the interview. However, there are also specific life insurance salesperson interview tips that should be followed in order to show how you would be a good asset for the organization.

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Life Insurance Salesperson Interview Tips

Demonstrate Your Selling Abilities: Because this is a sales position, your interviewer will be very interested in your ability to sell. Discuss your past successes in other sales positions, including your closing percentage, number of accounts, and any sales awards you may have earned. Talk about situations in which you were dealing with a hard sale and how you used persuasion and other techniques to close the deal.

Discuss Education and Licensing Information: Many organizations will require that you have your life insurance license before starting the job, so if you already have it, let the hiring manager know. If you are licensed in other states as well, this may also be helpful. Discuss your education if you have taken any college courses or have your bachelor’s degree, as this may give you an advantage over the competition. Focus on areas that will help you be an asset for the company, which often include finance, business, communication, public-speaking, leadership, and economics.

Show Your Communication Skills: Communicating effectively is a big part of this job. In terms of life insurance salesperson interview tips, demonstrate to the hiring manager how you used written and verbal communication with clients and members of your management team. Discuss how you listened to your clients and responded appropriately to their needs by recommending certain insurance products and services. Talk about how you followed up with current clients for insurance reviews and with potential clients about new products that they may now be interested in.

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Demonstrate Your Initiative: Successful insurance salespeople need to be confident enough to take the initiative to seeking out new customers on a constant basis. Discuss how you plan on reaching new customers, and make sure you name a variety of different options. These often include reaching out to current clients and asking for referrals, making calls to prospective customers, sending out marketing materials, hosting an informational lunch-n-learn or evening seminar, and partnering with other professionals to be referring partners.

Sell Yourself to the Interviewer: The face-to-face is really your opportunity to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Throughout the interview, answer questions in a way that shows your expertise and dedication to the industry and demonstrate why you are the candidate they should hire. Sell your ability to solve the organization’s issues, fill its needs, and drive its success. Towards the end of the meeting, ask the interviewer about when he or she expects to make a decision about the job and what the next steps are in the interview process. To show your tenacity, dare to actually ask for the job at the conclusion of the face-to-face. This shows that you are not only serious about wanting the position, but that you have the skills necessary for a sales career. Follow up with a phone call to thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to interview and to express your desire to work for the organization.

Interviewing for a job can be stressful, but these life insurance salesperson interview tips are sure to help not only ease the stress, but also show the hiring manager that you are one of if not the best candidate for the job. Making a good impression in the first interview will give you a much better shot at a follow-up meeting.