5 Worthwhile Lube Technician Interview Tips


There are numerous advantages to be gained by working in an auto shop. If this is the kind of career that interests you, then feel free to send your resume and cover letter to an open position when the opportunity arises. If you end up being asked to stop by for an interview, there are a few tricks to bear in mind in order to land that lube technician position.

Some interview tips are consistent no matter what type of work you are trying to get. Showing up on time and shaking the interviewer’s hand firmly should be done always. However, each job has its own unique sensibilities, and you should be ready for specialized questions that often come up for jobs that take place in an auto body shop. Here are a few lube technician interview tips to help point you in the right direction the next time you have an interview lined up.

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Lube Technician Interview Tips

Respond to All Questions Related to Tools and Services Honestly: Technicians perform a variety of services at an auto shop. They may change the oil of a vehicle, grease bearings and perform other general maintenance work on vehicles. When you are asked a question related to your proficiency in one of these tasks, you need to answer honestly. If you have never changed oil before, do not say you are an expert. The reason for this is that the interview will likely take place at the shop, so it is completely within reason for the hiring manager to ask you to perform the skill you say you can do. Even if there is only one service you do not know how to perform, answer honestly and you will learn eventually.

Dress Professionally, but Bring an Extra Set of Clothes: As a lube technician, you will probably dress in jeans and a shirt every day at work. For the interview, you need to dress a little better than that. Slacks and a nice shirt are perfectly fine for men. Women can wear nice pants and a blouse. Again, as mentioned above, you may be expected to perform some practice work on a vehicle to show off your skills. In this instance, you may want to have a change of clothes in your car so that you can quickly change to perform the work without ruining your good clothes.

Customer Service Skills: You will need to interact with customers who come in daily. You should be capable of handling customers in a professional manner and build interpersonal relations in order to get repeat business. You also need to showcase superb communication skills so that you can verbally communicate to the customer what needs to be done in order to properly maintain his or her vehicle. During the interview, you should be able to recall an experience at a past job when you exemplified this skill and can produce tangible evidence of your knowledge.

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Discuss Your Time Management Skills: When you are working in an auto shop, you will likely have multiple cars that need work done coming in simultaneously. Do you have a system in place to determine which vehicles get priority? Are you efficient in performing a certain task that you know exactly how long it will take you to complete it? Being able to work on as many cars as possible during your shift is a necessity, and it is a talent you should bring up while being interviewed.

Being a Leader and a Follower: Mechanics need to be able to work independently and as part of a team. You may also be tasked with leading a certain job, while other times you will need to follow the instructions of your superior. Throughout the course of your interview, you should be able to point to times when you led a team and another time when you merely assisted on a project. Both qualities are highly desirable in this line of work, and you do not want the hiring manager to assume you are one extreme or the other.

No matter how good your resume is, you are not going to get a job offer if you fail the interview. These lube technician interview tips should give you a good sense of what you need to do, so go into your next interview completely prepared.