5 Valuable Marketing Interview Tips


Your resume and cover letter got their attention, now you just have to ace your interview. When it comes to marketing jobs, a job interview gives you an opportunity to show your skills off in person – be they persuasion, personality or any number of soft skills that are key to success in this unique industry. Marketing professionals can work in any number of realms, and each requires professionals with a gift for communication and creativity. Wondering how to portray your suitability for the job? Here are some marketing interview tips to help you make a splash.

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Marketing Interview Tips

Show Off Your Skill at Persuasion: By definition, marketing involves some element of convincing a client to perform an action. That can range from getting a consumer to make a purchase to getting a large company to invest in a campaign. The marketing point of contact has to be apt at talking people into making decisions. Think of instances where you did just that. Perhaps a client was lukewarm on buying an ad spot and you were able to successfully illuminate all of the benefits. Or it could be that a client was ready to fire your agency, and you were able to convince them to stay. You can also talk about just being able to get clients to make a decision overall. Even if they decided against going with your services, you were able to get them to put one foot in front of the other – which is a bit of persuasion in itself.

Highlight Relationship-Building Skills: Marketers have to be some of the most skilled and effective negotiators out there. Getting in the door sometimes involves knowing someone who knows someone, or in other words, having relationships. Show that you are capable of creating valuable bridges for the company by emphasizing your relationship-building abilities. Mention times when you were able to get your team more included in a project. Maybe you were able to build a new bridge with a potential client – or better yet, restore a burned one. Share that!

Prepare a Strong Elevator Pitch: Who says you can only give your elevator speech when riding from floor to floor? Come into your marketing interview with your pitch in hand and be ready to give it early on. This pitch can serve as a nice sort of overview or summary of what you two will discuss. Remember that your interviewer may be talking to many people. Little capsules of information can be easier to remember, so make sure you start the interview with a summary sentence that won’t be forgotten.

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Ask About Measures of Success: One of the must-ask questions for any interview is what the measure of success is for the position, that is, what will the person in the position be judged on. It might seem like a funny question, but you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t quite know what they want out of a position. Getting into that type of job can be dangerous: Companies that aren’t sure what they consider success have an uncanny ability to be very clear on what they consider failure! Learn what the key performance indicators, or KPIs, for your position will be. Is the organization looking at clients gained or how long you maintain existing relationships? These are important distinctions to make. Get answers and you’ll be clearer on whether this is the job for you.

Show Your Creativity: Thinking out of the box, taking the less traditional road, improvising – these are all forms of creativity and all can be valuable when you’re taking on a marketing job. In marketing, client needs can change on a dime. Moreover, client needs aren’t always simple to provide. How do you provide A+ service to a client with a D- budget? What’s the answer when a client needs a three-month campaign crunched into a one-month span? These are the types of dilemmas marketing professionals confront daily, and they each require creativity. Talk to the interviewer about times when you used a creative approach to make the seemingly impossible possible to earn major points.

Job interviews can be tricky minefields without preparation. Don’t go in cold. Use these marketing interview tips to make waves during your interview. You’ll come off as poised, professional and ready to hit the ground running.