5 Vital Media Coordinator Interview Tips


Thanks to your exceptional CV and your perfectly constructed cover letter, you managed to get your first interview. Your palms are sweating just thinking about it, but there is no need to panic. The first interview is a way for employers to learn more about you and why you are the perfect match for the position. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, so this is where you have to wow them by following some helpful media coordinator interview tips.

Preparing for an interview can be difficult, because you never know what questions they will ask. However, there are certain tips that can get you ready for whatever they throw at you. The basics, of course, apply: dress for success, be professional, show-up on time, do your research, etc. But there are some other specific pieces of advice you should follow. The below media coordinator interview tips will help you make a lasting impression and show that you are the right person for the job.

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Media Coordinator Interview Tips

Give Examples of Specific, Measurable Past Achievements: In order to show a hiring manager that you have what it takes, you need to be specific regarding your past achievements. Don’t just tell him or her that you were good at your previous jobs. Show it using detailed, measurable examples of what you’ve done. Instead of saying you helped increase brand awareness, explain what you did to accomplish this goal and what the quantifiable results were of your campaigns. That way, you aren’t just telling the interviewer that you were good at your job; you are proving it.

Research Relevant Media Outlets: Everyone knows it is important to research a company before going in for an employment interview, but that is not where your investigation should end. In your role as media coordinator, you will be responsible for a variety of public relations duties. Showing that you already know which major media outlets would be relevant for spreading the company’s message will impress the interviewer and show that you are able to hit the ground running once you are hired. It will also underscore your desire to work for the specific company.

Let Your Personality Shine Through: Your new position will require you to have strong interpersonal and communication skills. You will spend a large part of your day making phone calls, going to meetings and sending emails. Show the hiring managers that you are up to the task by letting your personality shine. Use the tone set by the interviewer and the general culture of the company to establish the appropriate level of familiarity. If it is a formal corporate work environment, make sure you maintain a high level of professionalism. If the company is a younger company or a startup with a more casual vibe, you can in turn be more casual in the interview. Be friendly and open, but make sure you are always professional. If you can keep your cool and win over the interviewer, he or she will be more confident that you can handle yourself in your new role.

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Highlight Your Ability to Multitask: When “coordinator” is part of any job title, you know there is going to be a lot of multitasking involved. Make sure the hiring manager knows that you can juggle many tasks at once while not letting one single detail fall between the cracks. Give examples of instances in your past where you have worked on several projects at once, and explain the ways you stayed organized and on top of it all.

Prepare Thoughtful Questions: Most interviews end with the hiring manager asking if you have any questions you would like to ask. Many people fumble around and say no or just make something up on the spur of the moment. Think of a couple thoughtful questions ahead of time that show that you are truly interested in the job and the company. You can ask for more detailed information about the role, ask about ongoing training opportunities or ask about the next step in the employment process. Be sure to formulate the questions in a way that shows your genuine interest in the position and succeeding in the application process.

If you can blow them away during your initial interview, you greatly increase your chances of getting the job. Following these media coordinator interview tips will help ensure that you make a lasting impression.