5 Awesome Network Engineer Interview Tips


After writing an outstanding resume and cover letter, you are probably wondering what the next step in the job search process is. Many people assume that the interview follows, but before you enter an employer’s office, it is imperative that you properly prepare. Entering a job interview unprepared can spell disaster for even the most seasoned worker, but luckily for you, there are tips you can follow to help you along the way.

During the interview, you should always keep the standard best practices in mind, regardless of what industry you work in. Dress for success with a neat professional outfit, present confident body language, and communicate your ideas clearly. These practices are great, but sometimes you will need additional tips that are specially tailored to the job you are applying for. This will prevent you from being surprised by an unexpected question during the interview, and allow you to show your greatest attributes to the best advantage. If you are interviewing for a new position, read these network engineer interview tips first.

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Network Engineer Interview Tips

Think About Your Approach to System Maintenance: System maintenance is one of the most important aspects of network engineering, and you will more than likely be asked about your personal approach. Instead of getting blindsided during the interview, take the time to memorize all the methods and strategies you use to keep computer networks safe from hacking and other issues. If an employer does not believe that you are capable of securing their network, he or she will probably not hire you.

Educate Yourself: Out of all the network engineer interview tips, this may be the most important. Before you attend the interview, take the time to brush up on your understanding of basic topics. Look over topics such as IP addressing, data transmission techniques, VPNs, and firewalls. This will show the interviewer that you have experience and knowledge in all of the key areas, and that you will be a versatile employee. Do this even if you have been in the industry for a while; remember, no one wants to hire a networking employee who is out of touch with modern times.

Bring Copies of Important Documents and Certifications: Yes, more than likely, the interviewer will perform a background check and verify that the information you have provided is true. Despite this fact, it never hurts to have copies of your certifications on hand. If you have a Microsoft or Cisco certification, make copies of it. Also bring information about any extracurricular courses you have taken in addition to your collegiate education. These extracurricular certifications are often used to differentiate potential employees and choose the best candidates. In general, the more certifications you hold, the more likely you will be to be chosen by the employer.

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Research Commonly Asked Networking Interview Questions: Questions such as “What port does an HTTP use?” and “Can you explain the OSI Reference Model?” will be asked by many employers. Instead of fumbling for answers or appearing surprised, you should take the time to practice answering them beforehand. Use the internet to research commonly asked questions, and craft a professional and educated answer to them. Network security and management requires an immense amount of technological knowledge, so you will more than likely be asked a question about data transmission and data security at some point in time. If you seem surprised or you are taken off-guard by a technical question, the interviewer may hesitate to hire you if you do not seem sure of yourself.

Research the Company You Are Applying To: Does the company you are applying to focus solely on networking, or every single aspect of information technology? Does it provide support to large, international companies, or small businesses? What types of network does the company specialize in? These basic questions you should take the time to research and answer prior to attending the interview. They are very important elements of any networking company and if you do not understand them, you may appear uninterested in the job. Answering these questions will also help you better understand the approach and structure of the company you are applying to.

Job interviews can be intimidating, but after reading these network engineer interview tips, you should have no problem marching into the interview with confidence.