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5 Practical Nursing RN Interview Tips


The hard work you put into your resume and cover letter was noticed, and your efforts have been awarded with an interview. During the first interview, an employer will determine if your skills match the position being offered. They will use the time to learn about your skills and work history and to gain an understating of who you are. The potential employer will also attempt to determine if they want to meet with you for a second interview and learn more about what you could bring to the company.

The interview will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the nursing RN job. Make a great impression by showcasing your experience and knowledge throughout the interview. Making the first impression that is positive and memorable is easier if you implement some common sense interview practices. Combine best practices and the following nursing RN interview tips to help you have a successful interview.

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Nursing RN Interview Tips

Emphasize Your Organizational Skills: High levels of organizational skills are necessary in many nursing positions. Nursing RNs need to be organized when coordinating patient care and assessing the needs and information of patients. The interviewer needs to determine if you are the best candidate for the position and may ask a variety of questions that could give them clues to your organizational skills. Respond to these questions with examples from your experiences of how your skills have benefited patients while you adhered to procedural requirements and balanced multiple responsibilities.

Highlight Your Communication Skills: All nurses must be able to effectively communicate with doctors, other nurses, other members of a health care team and patients. This is especially important for nursing RNs, who must interpret and convey large amounts of information. Use your interview to emphasize your communication skills through your interactions with the interviewer. Give full attention to what the interviewer says, prove that you understand the points they make, and ask insightful questions in response to demonstrate strong active listening skills. If possible, use examples from your career to demonstrate your talents. Avoid personal anecdotes for a more successful interaction with the interviewer.

Showcase Your Personality: Nursing RNs must have compassion and patience. Do not rely on the interviewer understanding your character through subtle social cues. Clearly communicate your personality traits to your interviewer by providing examples of when your disposition shined in your career. Preparing anecdotes that highlight your personality will help to demonstrate your excellence. Organize your examples by describing an event or situation, the actions you took to overcome any challenge and the positive results of those actions, using your personality as a point of reference throughout your stories. Rehearse these descriptions, but avoid memorizing them so that you can communicate them more naturally.

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Demonstrate How Right You Are for the Company: Other than assessing if you are qualified for the position you are applying to, part of the interview process is determining if you will fit in the company One of the most important nursing RN interview tips is that you should show off how well you would fit in the health care clinic you have chosen. Research the organization you are interviewing with. Incorporate information you learn about the history, mission and accomplishments of the business when answering questions in your interview. What is the primary care at the facility? What demographics do the nurses work with? Are there any ways you can suggest updating the facility based on your research? Use this information to formulate your examples to be relevant to the company’s branch of healthcare, discover if you are a good fit, and illustrate your dedication to the position.

Verify That You Have the Proper Certifications and Licenses: While many nurses obtain much of their education through experience, the licenses and certificates required for nursing positions will vary from state to state. Research the requirements to become a nursing RN in your area before attending your interview. Avoid discovering that you do not have the necessary certifications or licenses after you have arrived at the interview by taking the time to verify that you have the proper certifications and licenses.

The above nursing RN interview tips may help you have a great first interview by making a constructive and confident impression during your face-to-face. Acing your first interview means you have a better chance of being invited to a second interview and possibly obtaining the job of your dreams.