5 Optimal Optician Interview Tips


You did it: you created an amazing, well-written resume and an outstanding cover letter to go with it, and you’ve scored yourself that highly anticipated interview. The first interview is a time for hiring managers to get to learn about you. They want to know some basic information, as well as your employment history and relevant skills. In addition, they may asses your character to see how well you would fit with the company. After the interview is done, they will then decide whether they want to schedule a second interview with you or not.

During your first interview preparation, get to know some general practices that can help you leave a good impression on the hiring manager and increase your chances of success. In addition, read some specific tips to really prepare. Your goal during the interview is to convey your best skills relevant to the job and to make yourself standout from the rest. The following optician interview tips will be very helpful for getting you ready for a superb interview.

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Optician Interview Tips

Emphasize Your Business Skills: Typically, opticians will be in charge of certain business aspects in the store. As such, they should be familiar with making business-related decisions and have some experience with sales as well. Sometimes opticians are additionally responsible for inventory management. Having a solid knowledge of all of these aspects will be helpful for anyone looking to secure an optician position. If you have previous optician experience, emphasize how you were in charge of a variety of business aspects at your previous jobs. If not, highlight your outstanding transferrable business skills.

Highlight Your Technical Experience: Opticians have several technical responsibilities. They may have to use prescriptions to design lenses, measure patients to ensure the proper frame fit using special equipment, insert lenses into frames and adjust frames. In addition, they may use special tools to repair glasses. This requires hand-eye coordinate and accuracy. At your interview, highlight any technical experience you have, as well as the related skills. Tell the hiring manager about duties you’ve had and about times you’ve gone above and beyond to complete them.

Showcase Your Customer Service Abilities: Of the optician interview tips, this piece of advice is essential because opticians also have to work with the public. This means they must excel at customer service to effectively meet the needs of the people they work with and to accurately represent the company they work for. They should be friendly and welcoming towards patients and be willing to assist them in any way possible. This is where good customer service skills come in handy for the job. Opticians should be knowledgeable about what they sell in order to properly answer questions. Because of the daily interactions with customers, patience and a positive attitude are a big help. Provide examples of when you have provided outstanding customer service throughout your career to show the hiring manager you are well qualified to be an optician.

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Show Your Positive Attitude: As mentioned, good customer service skills come with having a positive, enthusiastic attitude. During the interview, you can show the hiring manager that you have a positive attitude by the way you act. Deliver your responses with honesty and authenticity, and really show your motivation and dedication to getting the job. Display that you don’t just want this job to get paid. Show that you are sincerely interested in helping people daily and in helping to meet company goals. Here, you can provide specific examples of times when you brought in repeat customers because of your friendly customer service abilities.

Ask About Team Growth: Asking your own questions is crucial during the interview. A good aspect to inquire about is how the company helps the team to grow professionally. By asking this, you can show that you are willing to put in hard work to make sure you grow with the company. This is a great way to show you want work with the company long term and that you aren’t just choosing the first job you see.

Are you ready to get started preparing for your interview? Remember to keep these useful optician interview tips in mind so you can get closer to your dream optician job.