5 Necessary PR Lobbyist Interview Tips


You spent a lot of time putting together a stellar resume with an amazing cover letter, and people have taken notice. They have seen how qualified you are on paper, but now they want to meet you face-to-face. It’s time for that initial job interview and first impression that can either get you the job or allow you to move on to the next step in the interview process.

There are interviewing practices that are standard for all types of positions; however, you’ll want to make sure that you tailor some of your responses and questions to the PR position you are seeking. You need to convince your interviewer that you can confidently contribute to their organization and become essential to the success of the operation. In addition to the general best practices of job interviews, make use of the following PR lobbyist interview tips to stand out in the eyes of your interviewer.

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PR Lobbyist Interview Tips

Convey Your Knowledge of the Company or Organization You Are Interviewing for: Regardless of the type of industry an organization operates within, the role of the PR lobbyist is relatively the same. Organizations hire PR lobbyists to shape, evangelize and maintain a public image or cause. This requires an extensive understanding of the organization’s background, purpose and values. Take the time to research the history of your prospective employer. Reviewing the website or doing a general search online can usually help you with this. What kind of campaigns have they run in the past? How have they influenced people? What kinds of issues are important to them now? Try to work this knowledge into your responses.

Place an Emphasis on Your Problem-Solving Skills: Part of maintaining public image is being able to respond to any crisis that may arise. You want to assure your prospective employer that you not only have the ability to immediately recognize when a problem is significant, but also how to quickly formulate a response to mitigate that problem. Prepare examples of how you have been challenged by issues in the past but were able to come up with and communicate solutions. You may also want to explain how you were able to turn a problem into an actual opportunity.

Show off Your Excellent Communication Skills: This is probably one of the most important of the PR lobbyist interview tips. The heart of public relations lies in an ability to effectively communicate a message. You must have the talent to shape the perception of the public with superb written and verbal skills. This can involve writing press releases or speeches for individuals in the organization. It can also involve you writing and giving speeches yourself. You may also have the responsibility of communicating directly with the public and influential leaders within the community. Obviously, how you present yourself during the interview can help you show these skills, but be sure to also have examples of actual writing pieces or speeches ready for an employer’s review.

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Indicate a Good Understanding of Social Media: Social media now plays a crucial role in how the general and professional public receives and communicates information. As such, the various platforms have devised analytics tools that help users gauge success. Make sure that you understand how to correctly utilize these platforms and tools, as it will play a large part in keeping track of an organization’s reputation. Also, it’s important to recognize the proper etiquette and trends of social media. Going against this can cause harm to an organization’s cause. Letting a prospective employer know about your social media strengths can go a long way.

Ask Insightful Questions: It’s probably no surprise that this is important when interviewing for a PR lobbyist position. However, make sure to go beyond questions about the expected performance and responsibilities of your own position. Ask specific questions about the organization. Inquire about what the organization sees as its greatest challenges and opportunities. Engage in a conversation about the organization’s culture and values. After all, your job will be to know a company inside and out so you can effectively represent it. Show your interviewer that you understand this.

Increase the chances of having a successful job interview by remembering these PR lobbyist interview tips. Make the best first impression you can, and stand out as the right candidate for the position.