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5 Imperative PR Manager Interview Tips


You have compiled all your experience and skills into an impressive resume and cover letter. You have motivated a hiring manager to take interest in you. Now the time has come to prepare for that critical in-person interview. This is the interviewer’s first opportunity to get to know you and experience your abilities firsthand. From here, you could be on your way to additional interview meetings and a possible job offer.

Undoubtedly, you are aware of the general best practices when it comes to job interviews. It is always important to keep these in mind; however, it’s also vital to incorporate any specialized skills that are specific to the industry and potential job position. Following are a few PR manager interview tips that can help you succeed in the interview process and increase the chances that an interviewer will think of you when it comes time to fill the position.

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PR Manager Interview Tips

Highlight an Understanding of Trends: As a PR manager, you must have the ability to keep track of various trends that have societal, political and economical implications. You must be able to continuously recognize and understand these trends and decipher how each relates to the organization. From this understanding, you can devise the proper campaigns and events that will publicize how the organization is in line with trends. You will also need to identify the organization’s main audience and be able to tailor all messages and events based on this knowledge. Provide your interviewer with examples of campaigns that you have run in the past. Also, have the necessary data that shows how successful your campaigns were.

Demonstrate a Mastery of Internal and External Communication Skills: As a PR manager, you will have to regularly prepare communications for the organization. This may involve speaking and writing on your employer’s behalf or preparing correspondence for company spokespeople to disseminate. This requires the ability to not only effectively communicate the company’s message to the media and general public, but also to key representatives and executives within the organization. Also, you may be responsible for assuring the legality of your campaigns, which will require you to work with specialists, such as attorneys. Make sure to describe how you are able to communicate with a wide range of people.

Prove That You Have Great Managerial Skills: You need to show that you have the ability to lead others. Your position may require you to supervise a team of PR lobbyists or specialists. After devising campaigns, you will be responsible for delegating specific PR tasks to your team. Furthermore, you may be responsible for ensuring that any advertising and marketing plans target the right audiences. For this reason, you may be providing essential guidance to the marketing and advertising managers within the company. You’ll want to describe situations in which you have led others in a way that resulted in the success of a project.

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Disclose the Appropriate Experience, Education and Certifications: This is perhaps the most obvious point within the PR manager interview tips, but it’s still worth noting. An employer is most likely looking for someone with a higher level of experience within the industry. Outside of showcasing your professional experience and the applicable bachelor’s or master’s degree, be sure to list out any certifications you may have received during your career. Being certified through the Public Relations Society of America or International Association of Business Communicators will show a dedication to the industry that can set you apart from other candidates.

Exhibit Your Organizational Skills: It is not unusual for a PR manager to be juggling multiple campaigns and events at one time. As such, you could be researching and conducting various plans while directing several individuals on several different matters. It’s crucial that you are able to keep all your tasks and objectives organized so you can be ready to respond to any complications that may arise. Explain to your interviewer how you have handled multiple projects at once without compromising the integrity of your work or the values of the company.

Make sure that the all-important first impression you make during your initial interview is exceptional. If you correctly utilize these PR manager interview tips, you can show a prospective employer that you are the right person for the job.