5 Vital Production Manager Interview Tips


While production managers are typically employed by film and television studios, they can also find work in numerous other industries. Regardless of what career path you are taking, you will need to submit a resume and cover letter first. If all goes well in that department then the hiring manager will ask you for an interview. You’ll need to shine here as well in order to get that production manager position.

It might be easy to assume that an interview does not require any preparation. After all, you can never be 100 percent sure what is going to be asked. However, you should have a general idea of what the interviewer is going to be looking for, so it is in your best interest to have a few practice interviews before the big day. Interviewing is truly an art form, so follow these helpful production manager interview tips in order to be completely confident in your abilities.

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Production Manager Interview Tips

Highlight Leadership Skills: If you get the job you will be tasked with overseeing production. This entails making sure everyone is doing the job they are supposed to be doing and ensuring a project gets completed on time and within budget. Guiding such an effort requires a good amount of leadership experience, so you should mention during the interview what you have done in the past that makes you qualified to handle this kind of work. You should be able to talk about a time when you organized a team, what strategies you implemented to get the best results and how you benefitted a previous employer.

Ability to Negotiate and Resolve Issues: In the event an employee has an issue, you will most likely be the one who needs to resolve it. This might entail talking with people in higher-level positions in order to see if anything can be done regarding working conditions or the treatment of employees. In this regard you are essentially the middleman. Recounting a time when you helped your colleagues is an excellent point to bring up during an interview.

Emphasize Times When You Multitasked: A production manager usually has numerous responsibilities to handle at any given time. A hiring manager might ask you how you manage to juggle everything. This would be your opportunity to discuss your method of completing projects promptly. You could also talk about how you prioritize certain projects over other ones, which could involve finishing whatever is due the soonest. This line of thinking could also involve the interviewer asking you to talk about how you handle stress. Every job gets a little crazy at some points, and production manager positions are certainly no exception. An employer will want to know that you can handle all your responsibilities professionally, and relating a story to your work ethic is a great way to accomplish this.

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Communicate Strongly: As a manager, you will need to speak with people in all levels of the organization and communicate information efficiently. You need to tell individuals how to carry out certain actions in the production processes and tell the managers and owners what you require in order to complete the project more effectively. Good communication is one of the most important skills to exhibit in this line of work, and should be on display throughout your interview.

Offer Ideas for Improving the Business: Being management staffers, production managers often help set company policy. To prove your facility in this area, you should have a certain familiarity with the company you are interviewing for. It is likely during the interview that the hiring manager is going to ask your opinion regarding how the business operates and if there is anything you would do differently. While it can be easy to simply say that you think they are doing great and you would not change a thing, this is not what most interviewers want to hear. You should be able to find something, even if it is relatively minor, that you would recommend changing. Perhaps there was a system you had at a previous job that worked very well, so you would want to implement it here if hired. That would be an excellent point to mention.

You only have one chance to make an exceptional first impression, so do not lose out on this opportunity. Follow the above mentioned production manager interview tips, and you are bound to leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager.